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Pomander air conditioners « Nousoma Health Centre

Pomander Air Conditioners?

Pomander is the name given to a fragrant bouquet. In times past they were used for protection, for disinfection, for cleaning of the atmosphere – similar to the burning of frankincense, sage and other herbs.

The Air Conditioners are energetic space clearing air fresheners, which have the potential to improve and enhance the energies of the spaces we live and work in. Each Air Conditioner contains its own special blend of herbal extracts, essential oils, bio-dynamically sourced where possible, and crystal energies all harmoniously blended to bring you divine support and harmony in your everyday life.

The Air Conditioners are best used for cleansing the spaces you work, live and play in. When sprayed into your space their subtle effects can bring relief after a hard day’s work creating a sense of space, peace and calm. Others have the potential to bring inspiration for new projects, uplifting your spirits and invoking a sense of fun and joy.

The Air Conditioners can also be used for daily auric (aura) cleansing. By misting one spray, of these naturally fragranced essences above your head and allow the mist to fall down through your electro-magnetic field that surrounds your body called your aura.

They are packaged in blue glass spray bottles of 100ml – $68.00. Some colours are also available in a handy 20ml format – $28.00

Pomander Air Conditioner Colours/Information

#1 White 100/20ml
Cleansing, purifying and protecting
For space clearing, to shift the energy of a space between meetings
When moving into a new house, makes your space energetically clean
When wanting to open a space for new beginnings to bring in the light

#2 Pink 100ml
For universal unconditional love
To create a warm welcoming feeling
When you want to feel more confident
To harmonise a new group

#3 Deep red 100/20ml
Warming, grounding, protecting & re-energising
When you feel tired or stressed and need to ground your energy
As a protection in situations that your energy may be depleted
Red relates to the base Chakra and our connection to the earth
Use to stay or become grounded

#4 Red 100ml
An everyday red to help you balance your energy levels. Effective but milder than the deep red
When you feel tired or stressed and need to ground your energy
As a protection in situations that your energy may be depleted
Red relates to the base Chakra and our connection to the earth

#5 Coral 100ml
To offer a deep sense of joy and independence
To find a sense of independence rather than dependence
For understanding and connecting to your true potential and place in society
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#6 Orange 100ml/20ml
Uplifting and restorative
A gentle pick-me-up that can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to
face your next challenge
This essence to let go of the negative effect of past trauma
Relates to the 2nd Chakra- creativity and sensuality

#7 Gold 100ml/20ml
Wisdom and Self-knowledge
To connect into your greater wisdom
To understand any irrational fears
To feel good as gold

#8 Yellow 100ml/20ml
Yellow brings back the fun, sunshine and joy
In times of anxiety, stress or tension, to give a greater understanding
To lighten the mood and allow clearer thinking
Relates to the 3rd Chakra – the diaphragm or belly
Yellow brings back the sunshine enabling you to resist negativity, fear or anxiety

#9 Olive green 100ml/20ml
Truth and direction
To get wisdom from the heart
To clear space between clients, people
When we feel trapped – when you need to get out and live a little

#10 Emerald green 100ml/20ml
Emerald is for brining peace into our own space helping us to find our way
For when you need your own space for decision making
When entering new environments and to connect to the heart of things
Relates to the 4th Chakra – the heart – open the heart to love and to feel more
When selling a property – open space for new energy and helps you disconnect

#11 Turquoise 100ml
Helping us to creatively communicate what we are feeling
For any form of communication especially from the heart, speaking, writing, dance
Allows creativity and self-expression, assist in letting go of fear to overcome stage fright

#12 Sapphire blue 100ml
Supports the highest communication of love
When you need to express yourself truthfully or directly
To assist with relaxation, to find a deeper peace
Use when meditating

#13 Royal blue 100ml
Opens us to powers of our imagination and intuition
When you want to connect more into your intuition – your inner tutor
When you are affected by other people’s emotions and want to detach
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#14 Violet 100ml
Helps to open our perception and awareness
In times of change – i.e. death, dying or moving
To bring deep peace with spirit
Helps with energy work

#15 Violet 100ml
For living in the present
To feel grounded but also relaxed
When you need to stop and smell the roses

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Keywords: Health Centre

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