It’s Christmas, To Eat or not to Eat………. « Nousoma Health Centre

By: Nousoma  05-Apr-2012
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It’s Christmas, To Eat or not to Eat………. « Nousoma Health Centre

Most of the year we chose healthy and nutritious eating options but when Christmas comes around it all seems to go out of the window.  We enter the New Year feeling overweight and annoyed with ourselves for eating those chocolates or having that extra mince pie.

Here’s how to merrily munch your way through the festive season.

  • Make sure you eat breakfast on Christmas day – this will help to fill you up and you will be less likely to snack on those Christmas chocolates.
  • Fill you plate with plenty of vegetables /salad
  • If you are having roast veges, cut them into larger chunks – they’ll absorb less fat.  For a healthier choice roast in a small amount of oil such as sunflower or rice bran oil.
  • Turkey meat is a low fat choice for Christmas dinner.
  • Try making your own gravy instead of using cubes or packets which tend to be high in salt
  • When it comes to the traditional Christmas pudding, for a healthy change, instead of serving it with brandy butter, try some natural yoghurt or even fresh fruit.  Or maybe skip the pudding altogether and just have the fruit.  I love the strawberries, raspberries and other fruits available at this time of year.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water (1 glass of water for every glass of alcohol).  Add a slice of lemon or lime to the water to help your digestive system.
  • For healthy snacks, go for unsalted nuts, dried fruit and avoid anything deep fried.
  • Eat slowly!  This way you’ll not only appreciate the taste of what’s in your mouth you’ll also avoid feeling uncomfortably full as you will register “enough” a lot sooner.
  • After you’ve eaten get active rather than slump on the sofa – take a brisk walk, play a game or maybe just crank up the music and dance away those calories!

Have a safe and happy Christmas full of love and laughter


Keywords: Health Centre

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