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By: Nlp Auckland  06-Dec-2011
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One of the Keys to Success in your Life, is the ability to present your self and your message in a manner that wins other people over.  In this 3-DVD set, you will find hours of golden tips on how professional presenters use body language, craft their words, structure their presentations, and create the link with the audience.  A must have for anyone who communicates to groups in business or community roles, or wants to create better results from their presentations.

Number of DVDs in Set:   3

Investment:  Only NZ$99 !!

Professional Presenting  

You have probably experienced being somewhere at sometime, when someone was very engaging, and you enjoyed listen to their presentation, and found it either useful or relevant to you in some way.

Some people think its the topic that makes a presentation interesting.  Some feel that some people can present well, and most cant, as if "you've either got it ..or you havent."  Well, this is your opportunity to move yourself beyond that limiting belief, and find out exactly what you will do if you want to create effect presentations!

In these DVDs, Mark Klaassen - one of the worlds leading NLP Business Trainers - reveals the secrets that top presenters and international speakers use, both at big events and with small groups, to engage their audience:  

  • How they link their topics to the internal world and mental images of the listeners
  • How they become more and more fascinating, engaging feelings, using body language, and also verbal language patterns to create interest
  • How you can design or re-design your presentations using the Presentation Cycle, showing your audience what you have to share, in a manner that holds them engaged participative .. for 10 minutes, or a whole day.

If you want to improve your effectiveness and results in front of people .. this is for you.

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Keywords: Dvds

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