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By: New Zealand Mortgage Finance  06-Dec-2011
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Proof of income not required!

At NZMF we specialise in making home loans easy for self employed people. We know you work hard in your day to day running of the business. Let us work on your behalf to find you the best finance. Whether you’re buying a home, require working capital, want to expand, have a temporary shortfall in cash flow, or simply pay the tax bill that has fallen due- we can help!

We deal with a wide range of lenders and up to date financials are not always necessary to assist with your home loan and business finance. NZMF has the added advantage over any other broker with our own in-house NZF HomeLoan mortgages team. We cater especially for self employed borrowers with the aim of making it easy to get your home loan without all the paperwork!

No worries! If you’re having problems keeping up with your payments talk to us now we can help! Don’t wait any longer, call us now we understand and can assist with getting you back onto the right financial track. Usually there is a genuine explanation poor health, redundancy, less over time available at work, your business got into difficulty, separation or an unexpected death can all create financial stress. We understand and are here to listen, not judge.

Many Kiwis’ are faced with rising bills as living costs go up, high interest rates, power, petrol and food bills can all add up and you feel like it’s too much. Let us take away the worry and work with you to get you up to date on your bills and home loan and become stress free now.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Often we can negotiate with your bank while we look at your re-finance options. Giving you much needed breathing space while we get to work. Talk to us now about how we can help.

Roll all your payments into one! Did you know by using the equity in your house you may be able to consolidate all those loans into one? Yes that’s right your home loan, car loan, personal loans, credit card bills and hire purchases call all be rolled up into the one payment. Now wouldn’t that mike life easier! By rolling all your debts into the home loan you’ll have only the one payment to make and you will be saving money on interest costs at the same time!

This is because the cheapest form of finance is your home loan. So consolidating those high interest debts into your home loan can often mean a lower monthly payment and lower interest costs too, saving you money. And you won’t have to stress about making all those payments just the one payment can be made that fits in with your pay schedule and your budget.

An NZMF we also have the added benefit of access to our own in-house mortgage funding NZF HomeLoans who loves helping clients make the most of their finances. As your NZMF broker we specialise in assisting hard working Kiwi’s like yourself get back on track with your finances. Use our expertise to review your finances and see how we can help. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out what we can do!

Don’t think you can get a home loan? Worried the bank might say no? Wanting to to re-finance your debts into one or buy that new home but worried about your credit rating? Don’t be- let us find the specialist lender that will say yes! We specialise in finding home loans for any client and love turning that ‘no’ into a ‘YES!’ You may be pleasantly surprised at what we can do.

With us on your side we can explain the circumstances around your credit record and what has changed to enable you to get on track and where you are today. More often than not there is a genuine explanation such as - poor health, redundancy, less over time available at work, separation, self employed and your business got into difficulty, you’ve acted as a guarantor for a relative who has stopped paying or an unexpected death can all create financial stress and eventually affect your credit rating.

The good news is we can help. We work with a wide range of bank and non-banklenders plus our own in-house mortgage funding NZF HomeLoans who can still approve your loan. We specialise in assisting hard working Kiwi’s like you get back on track with your finances. While you might pay a little more in the short term once your credit record has cleared and we have a good payment history it’s always our goal at NZMF to get you back on bank rates asap!

Call us now to see how we can help!

Has your bank or broker said ‘No we can’t help you’? At NZMF we love to turn that ‘no’ into a ‘YES!’ We are experts in finding home loans for our clients who think that they can’t get finance. We have access to the bank lenders plus many non-bank and niche lenders that want to help you now. Whether its mortgage arrears, credit impaired, debt consolidation or simply buying the home you want, we can help. With many years of home loan experience behind us and a reputation second to none we would love to help you when others say they can’t.

Did you know we come across many people have difficulty at first in getting a home loan? Yes that’s right many home buyers and home owners that we have helped don’t fit the ‘tick the box’ that the banks and other brokers have when it comes to home loans. As your NZMF mortgage broker we see the bigger picture and have the expertise and experience where it counts! Call us now and let us take that stress out of arranging your home finance.

Do you need that little bit extra money to sort a financial problem you have right now? You don’t have the time to run to your bank and fill out all the paperwork and need to act quickly? Let us help you get that finance sorted right now. We have access to our own finance company that can complete second mortgages plus access to a wide range of alternative lenders who can assist you too. Quick, easy to work with and we keep it simple. Let us get your finance problem sorted right now.

No deposit, No worries! We have a number of options available to you right now. If you have steady employment and good banking history that’s all you need to buy the home of your dreams right now. As well as our own in-house 100% mortgage option we work with all the bank and non-bank lenders too. We will treat you as a valued client just like we know you are. We love helping people fulfil the kiwi dream of owning your own home and can’t wait to help.

Let us show you all your options, how to save money and structure your mortgage so you know you can afford the payments and not stress. As your NZMF broker will also talk you through the whole home buying process, what’s involved and who you need to talk to at the right time.

The mortgage is only the beginning and is only one part of the buying process, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, the Valuer, and Building inspectors may all be involved in getting you into your first home. Let us find the finance so you can use your time to find the home you want to live in!

Looking to make life that little bit easier or redecorate your home? Maybe take that trip you’ve always wanted to see the grandkids overseas? You might want to help the family now when they really need it? Talk to us about your options when it comes to borrowing money so that life is that little bit brighter in your golden years. You’ve worked hard, done well you deserve it!

Many hard working Kiwi’s have paid the mortgage off and want to remain independent in their own home for as long as possible. But find the need of having that little bit of extra money right now would make all the difference to enjoying life in your retirement years. All our brokers are accredited with Sentinel and Bluestone as specialist lenders for home equity release products.

Call now to learn more.

We have commercial brokers and property development specialists available to assist you with your commercial funding requirements at any stage. They have also had experience in property development themselves so they know the process you are working through from your perspective as well as the lenders.

With access to our own finance company lending we can get the quick yes so you know you can proceed with your plans. We have the significant benefit of being able to assess your overall needs so that you have a re-financing exit strategy ready and in place for when you become a bankable deal and reduce your overall holding costs.

Let us get to work on your financing requirements today.

Short term funding needed? At NZMF we specialise in arranging short term finance so you can make immediate progress while your deal falls into place. Whether it’s placing you in a position to buy now, or hold onto the property to get the best sale price, whatever your requirements for bridging finance we can help. With access to our own in-house lender NZF HomeLoans we can give you that quick yes so you can plan ahead with certainty knowing your finance is in place NOW!

Our broker will work with you and assess your requirements and recommend the best option(s) available that suit you. Talk to us now about what’s the right way to structure your financing requirements.

Keywords: Bank, Home Loan, Self Employed

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