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By: New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register  05-Apr-2012
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Due to the fact that there was a last minute shift from the usual Wednesday night to Monday night, 3 October, and that some members had traveled overseas, the committee only just made a quorum of eight members with Peter Lodge in the chair. Minutes of the September meeting were accepted and discussed. Yvonne Piggott had agreed to help out wherever possible and has already updated the Register mailing list. Thank you Yvonne. There is a problem with any attempt to link our Website listings with those shown on Race Manager but this is being worked on. Re the Website, James McIntosh has done a great job setting it up but we now need someone to run the day-to-day input of material. Peter Lodge is looking into this. Rhys Jones is happy to continue editing the Megaphone, and Rob Cochrane is doing nicely on the advertising and promotional side of things. Phil Harrington has been approached to work with Rhys Jones to put together a shed/personal profile type presentation on individual members for publication in the Megaphone. So watch out. You could have Phil suggesting you open out with your inner most secrets one day.

On the financial side it was agreed that Andrew Riley should have an open mandate to reorganize our current term investments into a more workable and viable format. As of the meeting date our Cheque Account stood at $15,874.98 and our total Term Investments stood at $112,746.42. However a major listing of accounts to be paid will effectively reduce our Cheque Account to quite a lower figure. This is something that has to be watched carefully at all times, and explains to a degree why we need to rationalize our Term Investment format. Andrew Riley’s report underscored the financial strains that are becoming apparent with respect to running two day events versus one day events. The costs start to exceed the entry income to quite a marked degree. Everyone seems to prefer the two day concept and that is understandable, but some adjustments may need to be made to accommodate that situation. You can expect to hear more on this subject in the near future via the Website and Megaphone.

With respect to the Megaphone, Peter Lodge had spoken with Rhys Jones and it was felt that the magazine could well do with an injection of “comment” type material, possibly not unlike our once lauded Velocity Mole. So as long as things don’t get vindictive and everyone can remember how to retain a sense of humour, you may just see something of the Velocity Mole genre return.

Things are moving ahead for the Labour Weekend Hampton Downs TT meeting. There will be no camping allowed on the Friday night but camping will be fine on Saturday. The gate will be manned and the meeting will be advertised to the public. There will be a BBQ on the Saturday night and prize giving early on the Sunday afternoon immediately after racing has finished.

Arrangements for Festival 2012 are moving ahead. Colin Seeley and Bill Windsor will be our guest speakers. Alan Windsor will be bringing out a Seeley G50 and Colin Seeley will demonstrate Mike Braid’s BMW Rensport sidecar outfit. The way things sit, that will constitute the total invasion from the UK.

We will definitely be utilizing a marquee this time so that should make a lot of people happy. We’ll have our usual BBQ on the Friday night, and a catered dinner at a reasonable price in the marquee on the Saturday night. On the Sunday night we will have another BBQ, either catered or administered again by the Register. The guest speakers will do their thing on the Saturday night and there will be prize giving on both the Saturday and Sunday nights. Sunday prize giving will probably be conducted early whilst the BBQ is prepared.

Graded Scratch events will be organized slightly differently this time around. There will be no entry fields listed in the programme. Riders must nominate only one bike per entry. The cut-off for each division will be based on the Saturday practice timings. Riders and machines will then be published as a print-out displayed on the Jennian Homes building. Aside from evening up the fields, this also will allow the Register to delay the cut-off date for overall entries until sometime in December.

Stan Carwardine would like all the “oldies” to note that his traditional caravan/tent site will comprise a gathering point for all those members who were around when Richard Seddon was Premier….or something like that.

And Rocket Mail should’ve delivered your latest Megaphone to you in plastic wrap. The advances we make. And that’s where the meeting concluded.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Classic Motorcycle Racing, Motorcycle Racing

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