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By: New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register  05-Apr-2012
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There were only two apologies for an otherwise full committee meeting under the chair of Peter Lodge.

The committee received and accepted correspondence relating to MNZ’s “Volunteer of the Year” award for Monty Ray along with other general correspondence.

A review took place re financial assistance for those riders from overseas who bring machines for entry into our festival events. The review covered those from the South Island, those from Australia, and those from Europe, Asia and the USA, and ranged from free entries to individual subsidies to contributions to container costs depending on the numbers coming from any particular area. Generally the decisions reached matched those that had been in place over past years but at least they were now formalized in a more definitive manner.

The new mailing system for Megaphone was working out very well with only three returns recorded. This means that the Register data base is now becoming extremely accurate. Megaphone advertising was moving along nicely under the helm of Robert Cochrane. Barry and Linley Deane have once more become involved with the general organization of the magazine which should prove a great help to Rhys Jones as Editor.

The Treasurer presented his report on invoices and accounts receivable. Account balances stood at $25,413.07 within the general working account and $108,232.76 held in term deposits. Money is now starting to come in from Festival entries and these funds should cover the initial range of outgoings for the Festival. Matters relating to constitutional changes are currently still under final preparation but hopefully will be available for action by the time of the Festival.

There is a requirement to complete a Memorandum of Understanding for Engagement between the NZCMRR and the NZPCRA. This is under action.

The balance of the meeting was devoted primarily to the organization of Festival 2012. Matters raised were standard for this time of the year and covered such things as hireage, expenses, entries, site allocations and organization, allocation of tasks and responsibilities, camping in general, merchandise and trade stands, posters, the race programme, ticketing, allocation of tickets, gate control and security in general, and so on.

Under general business the state of the Register’s radios was reviewed in terms of current condition and possible repair costs. Clerks of Course and Steward numbers and requirements were covered with a view to further discussion with MNZ. Yvonne Picket’s invaluable assistance was noted with the suggestion that she be formally seconded to the committee.

There was a race report on the TT meeting. All went well with only one ambulance callout occurring.

The Technical Committee were investigating a rotary valve Ariel, vintage class numbers and background colours, and the MNZ rule regarding kill switches.

The meeting closed at 9.27pm.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Classic Motorcycle Racing, Motorcycle Racing

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