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By: New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register  05-Apr-2012
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This report covers two meetings held on 7 Dec 2011 and 11 Jan 2012. There was little new raised at either meeting in that the majority of the discussions that took place centered on preparations and arrangements for the forthcoming Pukekohe February Classic Festival. Most items were totally routine but included discussions and resolutions on South Island and overseas entrants, the overhead cam display, sponsors and displays, merchandise, BBQ and meal arrangements, site allocations and vehicle access. It was determined that members providing machines for other people to enter and ride should also be provided with vehicle stickers should they need them.

The few items of a more general nature included candidates for the Young Riders Scholarship, Megaphone reports, financial and legal reports, technical reports, radio maintenance, sidecar entry fees and the possibility of a new 250 class. Also discussed was the need to cancel our (NZCMRR) involvement at the proposed January combined car/bike meeting at Hampton Downs. This came about due an unresolved MNZ ruling stipulating that an air fence (bags) be positioned along a section of the main straight. This would prove impossible for cars. And there was discussion re the possibility for a reciprocal Barry Sheene meeting to be held in conjunction with our next Labour Weekend meeting at Hampton Downs. Developments for this are under review. And finally there was discussion on creating special Life Member membership cards. Currently Life Members get a replacement membership card issued each year which seems a bit unnecessary.

Keywords: Classic Motorcycle Racing, Motorcycle Racing

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New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register Inc - Committee News Nov

The review covered those from the South Island, those from Australia, and those from Europe, Asia and the USA, and ranged from free entries to individual subsidies to contributions to container costs depending on the numbers coming from any particular area. The committee received and accepted correspondence relating to MNZâ??s â??Volunteer of the Yearâ? award for Monty Ray along with other general correspondence.


New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register Inc - Classic TT Labour Weekend

Neville Bull, Chris Hyland and Brian Brooks got off to a great start, followed by Geoff Long and Matthew Haywood, unfortunately Geoff going out on lap eight and finished with a DNF. Chris Swallow, Colin Tate and David Morley were the first three across the line with Chris having the fastest lap time of 1.19.74. There were a few less than there should have been to start the race. Saturday saw the start of the Junior TT race.


New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register Inc - Committee News Oct

Due to the fact that there was a last minute shift from the usual Wednesday night to Monday night, 3 October, and that some members had traveled overseas, the committee only just made a quorum of eight members with Peter Lodge in the chair. Phil Harrington has been approached to work with Rhys Jones to put together a shed/personal profile type presentation on individual members for publication in the Megaphone.