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By: Netpointers Limited  15-Apr-2010
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‘AdWords work’. Maybe that has been your initial experience with online marketing. Purchasing sponsored search engine ad listings, which are placed to the right of the organic search results field has been good business for you and your company, budgets have been spent and you have traffic coming to your website; exactly what you want. Investing in AdWords is an ongoing process; once your budget is exhausted you need to invest more money, if you want to maintain a certain level of traffic coming to your website. It is almost never-ending and you become more and more dependent on Google’s sometimes expensive search marketing services.

It is a common experience that as soon as your budget is spent, your website becomes invisible to the search engines once again. Another common experience is that you do not have full control over where and when your ads will be displayed and seen, thus making your company entirely dependent on the decisions of the world’s leading search engines. It is quite often a game of chance.   How can you make this work for you by using the chosen keywords on AdWords to increase your own ‘permanent’ organic website traffic, thereby saving you money?

Introducing Netpointers Cross Optimisation

Leveraging your investment in AdWords, we will help you identify the keywords in your keyword portfolio, which receive the most clicks and therefore generate the most paid search engine traffic for you. Once these keywords have been identified we will, with your help, implement a number of Keyword Optimised Landing Pages corresponding to your best performing keywords on Google AdWords. As soon as this pool of keywords reaches top visibility on the search engines’ organic rankings, we remove them from the Adwords campaign add and test new keywords, thereby cross optimising your website between organic and sponsored listings.

The advantages of Netpointers Cross Optimisation are multiple

- Saving money by increasing the level of traffic, conversion rates and ROI, permanently generating more visibility and traffic

- Using AdWords to scout the keywords that generate the most traffic; including long-tail keywords   Achieving greater performance: Only 15% of searchers click on AdWords. 85% find what they are looking for in the organic search field. You will realise large savings on organically generated traffic compared to the amount of money required to generate the same amount of traffic using AdWords only

- Keyword Optimised Landing Pages generate and lead more highly-qualified traffic to your website, thus creating higher conversion rates

- Better control over your online marketing budget by a ‘conscious’ use of your AdWords campaigns

Did you know?

- Conversion rates can be as much as 10 times higher when comparing organic listings to paid/sponsored search engine ads

- A person clicking through to a website from an organic search engine listing will spend 20% more on an average purchase compared with a person clicking on the sponsored AdWords

- An organic top-5 listing will generate at least 100% more traffic than a page-1 AdWords listing  

- AdWords are charged per click; hence the more traffic you receive, the more you pay, even when your competitor clicks on your AdWords listings

Source: Google

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