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By: Netfinity  06-Dec-2011

Sitefinity 4.0 brings usability to the next level

Sitefinity is a powerful CMS platform offering many enterprise features, and simple, easy-to-use online administration for managing your website. The new revolutionary User Interface is very task oriented and simplifies the user interaction with the system.

  • Minimalist graphic design - users are not distracted by needless eye-candy elements.
  • Flexible interface according to user permissions, roles and responsibilities of the different CMS Users - site administrators, content contributors, and everyone who is working with the CMS backend, thus simplifying the interface and reducing possibilities of error.
  • Task oriented design. All buttons and links not related to the performed task are not displayed (e.g. when the CMS user creates/edits an item, the main menu is not displayed).
  • Rich interactivity and drag-and-drop interface.
  • Contextual interface labels. 
  • User-friendly customization of the backend system - interface for changing system screens, labels and messages.

Includes the SEO tools to help you optimize website content

Sitefinity includes SEO tools to ensure that you are getting the most of your website via improved discoverability among search engine results.

  • The Basics – make your website discoverable. Sitefinity prompts the CMS user to complete all essential page optimizations and enter a search-engine friendly title, description and keywords for every page of the website. You will be able to filter the pages with no title, description or keywords and to ensure that all your meta information is in place to guarantee best positioning in search engine results.
  • Search-Engine Friendly URLs – Sitefinity helps marketers optimize their online marketing by creating SEO-friendly websites optimized for maximum lead generation. The page URLs are automatically suggested based on the SEO titles with the option for the CMS User to change the URL.
  • Content optimization – all images contain alt text, links contain title tags, etc.

Measures the effectiveness of your online strategy and helps you manage customer experiences

The integrated Analytics module allows marketers to leverage traffic statistics, usage information and visitor profiles to better understand your site visitors and to improve your online presence. You are now able to optimize your website content and better respond the needs of your audiences.

Includes a content mashup service

Draft, schedule, publish, expose, aggregate and mashup content from various sources, external websites and blogs all within the Sitefinity interface. Sitefinity 4.0's publishing system is designed to publish, expose, consume, aggregate, and mashup content.

Sitefinity takes advantage of many different technologies developed by Telerik in past years in order to provide the world’s most open CMS. End users are able to visually create new content types, in which they can aggregate content from various sources (through so called pipes) and then expose that content to the rest of the world through the pull or push approach. For example, if a CMS user wants to achieve all the following:

  • Aggregate all blogs published by the sales department, as well as content coming from the SharePoint Intranet created by the marketing department;
  • Distribute content through RSS (pull) and publish a shortened title on Twitter (push);
  • Set a limit of 2 new content items per day, unless the item has been tagged with “Important”, in which case the 2 items per day limitation should be disregarded.

In Sitefinity 4.0, this kind of scenario can be accomplished completely through the user interface, through the publishing system with no programming required. In addition to the obvious benefits for the end users, developers can take advantage of this system to create “pipes” (or connectors) to any systems they may wish.  

Allows you to optimize your lead generation process

With the advanced Forms module, which comes out-of-the-box with Sitefinity, you are able to collect information from your site visitors, which will help you better profile your website content to successfully convert leads.

You can easily create registrations, surveys, questionnaires, and applications with the flexible Sitefinity form builder without the help of the IT department. By using drag and drop widgets (text boxes, multiple choice, checkboxes, etc.) you can create a new form and define which fields are required without writing a single line of code.

You are free to experiment with different forms to optimize your lead generation process.

Guarantees accessibility and complete control over website content

You can access and manage your website via the Sitefinity interface from any browser in your own language. The system offers the widest cross-browser compatibility in the industry and the interface can be easily localized to your language.

Sitefinity’s html editor produces W3C and Section 508 compliant content and your website visitors with special needs will be able to easily navigate and review the presented content.

Ensures easy integration with other business software or systems

Sitefinity 4.0 brings unprecedented abilities for connectivity and integration with all kinds of systems and Social Media. The Web CMS is easily integrated with CRM systems, business applications, marketing automation platforms, digital asset management, e-commerce and analytics solutions.  

Is infinitely scalable

The system is designed for the enterprise, making it easy for your company to expand your website as your company continues to grow.

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