Spinel Duetto Lux Espresso Pod Machine

By: Nero Italia  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Coffee, Stainless Steel, Hot Water

The Duetto Lux is an espresso machine for both single and double pods. Equipped with autonomous lighting thermoblocks for coffee infusion and with a stainless steel boiler for the distribution of hot water and steam. Especially designed for large consumption, these machines have removed all limescale inconvenience from the coffee infusion group with their ‘Patented Self-Cleaning Hydraulic System.’ The adjustable thermostat allows you to modify the infusion temperature according to the blend of coffee.

The cup holder and stainless steel front finish contributes to the machine’s functional yet attractive appearance.

High-quality design, elegance and flexibility make these machines most suitable for cafés, bars, restaurants and pizzerias.

Technical characteristics:


Double Pod Holder Kit

Attach this kit in order to use the double pod (14 g) which makes two espresso coffees at once. The kit is entirely made of chromium-plated brass, which keeps the coffee temperature constant right until it reaches the cup, preventing the loss of any crema.

Volumetric Flowmeter

Easily programmed and allows you to automatically adjust the coffee quantity according to your preference, whether it’s for a large coffee, short coffee or hot water.

Cappuccinatore (Milk Frother)

Simple, quick and hassle-free cappuccinatore attachment lets you prepare an excellent cappuccino, latte or flat white - just like at the café.

Water Supply Plumbing Kit

Can be applied in order to connect the Duetto Lux machine direct to water supply.

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Keywords: Coffee, Coffee Infusion, Cup Holder, Hot Water, Stainless Steel,

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