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By: Neotek  06-Dec-2011

The term ‘eCommerce’ refers to buying and selling products and services over the Internet. More specifically it means providing your customers with the ability to place and track orders, empowered by access to current information on product availability, pricing, specifications and recent account transactions.

Every company embraces eCommerce for different reasons. It might be to achieve growth, reduce costs, improve processes – or a combination of all three. Typical scenarios that lead to eCommerce include:

  • the constant challenge of achieving growth without employing additional people or affecting margins;
  • difficulty in providing accurate promotion and inventory information when customers want it;
  • the expense and labour required to produce CD-ROMs or paper based catalogues; and
  • the need to continuously update product lists and pricing.


An eCommerce solution can create improvements throughout your business, making a positive impact on sales and marketing, finance and customer service.

Sales and Marketing Benefits Financial Benefits Customer Services Benefits
  • Expand communication and ordering options for your customers
  • Increase market share by freeing up the sales team to target new customers
  • Increase average order value and frequency by providing real time pricing, stock availability and comprehensive product information
  • Reduce the need for printed catalogues and sales literature
  • Make promotions and specials easy to manage and available to customers in real time
  • Target small or historically unprofitable customers with a lower cost of sale
  • Save on labour, telecommunications and postal charges
  • Reduce cost of printed catalogues and other materials
  • Improve credit management and reduce debtor days by supplying financial records and current statements online
  • Improve inventory management by highlighting promotions and end of line goods
  • Reduce the credit to order ratio
  • Manage high credit risk customers by allowing them to only purchase via credit card
  • Reduce errors due to manual re-keying of orders
  • Improve speed and accuracy of order fulfilment
  • Improve customer loyalty by making information relating to their order easily available online, eliminating the cost and effort of a telephone call
  • Provide options to interact with your business at your customers’ convenience, including out of office hours
  • Improve the experience in dealing with your company, providing an option to print orders, invoices, credits and back orders online

1. I am not sure if my customers will use online ordering.

In our experience, customers are pleasantly surprised by the benefits they achieve from trading online. Early communication with customers about your reasons for online trading is important.

2. My financial system (ERP) already has an eCommerce module. Why can't I use that?

The Neotek Enterprise eCommerce solution offers many benefits that can't be matched by an ERP system:

  1. Greater experience — Neotek is a specialist eCommerce company, focused on maintaining the advantages of our solution. An ERP vendor may not have the same commitment to providing industry leading eCommerce.
  2. Dedicated solution — To implement and operate an eCommerce solution in-house requires significant investment in skilled staff, hardware, software and security. A Neotek hosted eCommerce solution is far more cost effective, secure and provides a more scaleable solution with greater uptime.
  3. More cost effective — The cost of an ERP module is typically far greater than a fully integrated Neotek eCommerce solution.

3. Can you integrate to my back office system?

Yes. Neotek has acquired comprehensive skills and specialist tools integrating with over 30 different financial systems. We are yet to find a system we can’t integrate with. Popular systems we have integrated with include JIWA, SAP, JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, Greentree, Exonet, Prophet and Attaché .

4. What about security? What about hackers?

This is a valid question and often a concern for companies considering eCommerce. A Neotek eCommerce solution is a hosted application with comprehensive security. In the unlikely event our security is breached, the hacker cannot gain access to your financial systems or Local Area Network (LAN) because Neotek Enterprise has no direct connection to your back office system, a major benefit over in-house and ERP-based eCommerce solutions.

5. What happens if I don’t move into eCommerce?

The real question is, without eCommerce, how will your business achieve the growth and efficiency required to stay ahead of your competitors in the short and long term?

6. How do I keep up to date with technology in this fast moving environment?

Neotek has an ‘evergreen’ licencing policy ensuring you are always running the latest version of our software. Neotek Enterprise is continually developed to meet the rapidly changing requirements of electronic business.

7. What about my existing website?

If you are happy with your existing website, the Neotek eCommerce solution will simply integrate with it. We also offer a public website module if you want to update or create a new website.

8. I am already trading via EDI, what else is there?

You can leverage this investment further by creating a web interface that will enable your entire customer base to trade electronically. You’ll also deliver enhanced functionality and service to your existing EDI customers which provides a competitive advantage and further reduces costs of doing business.

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