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By: Nanoshield  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Glass, Shower Glass, Glass Restoration





N ew glass looks trendy and sparkling. But glass, like unpainted walls, is porous.After some time, water stains, soap and grime begin to accumulate on the surface of this glass. Thesecontaminants etch into untreated, porus glass quickly, leaving unsightlystains that need hours abrasive cleaning with harsh chemicals. Theabrasive cleaning can leave permanent swirl marks on the glass, creatinggroves for even more grime and dirt to accumulate easily.

NanoShield GLASS is a one-time protection treatment that protects the porous glass from damage by surface contaminants. This professionally applied chemical treatment creates a low maintenance, water repelling surface. Cleaning times are reduced by up to 90%, without harmful cleaning fluid fumes that gag.

NanoShield GLASS:

  • Is UV Stable

  • Invisible applied

  • Is heat stable to sustained 350 deg C

  • Is non toxic

  • Does not change the optical or acoustic quality of the substrate.

  • Extremely durable.

  • Repels water, oil and other liquids effectively

  • Reduces cleaning times and use of harsh chemicals.

  • Can be used on frosted or satin glass.

NanoShield GLASS is applicable for all areas of glass that demand clarity and ease of maintenance. It is the money saving answer to less maintenance, less cleaning chemicals and better health.

Keep your glass looking newer for longer.


NanoShield GLASS works particularly well on new glass that has not been etched. But what of older, stained glass? NanoShield and its trained applicators offer a glass restoration service before application of NanoShield Glass. We restore glass to at least 90% of of its original condition, and then apply NanoShield Glass to prevent any future deterioration of the surface. Contact us for an obligation free quotation.

As shown above, water beats up and repels off the NanoShield-treated Glass to prevent water marks and staining of the glass surface.

Untreated Shower Glass             Treated Shower Glass

The above picture illustrates what happens to a shower glass when it is left untreated. Soap scum, body fats and grim built up will stain the shower glass. A NanoShield treated glass will prevent permanent staining and makes it a low-maintenance 'easy-to-clean' surface.

Keywords: Glass, Glass Restoration, Shower Glass