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By: Mullins Tyres  06-Dec-2011
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Do you know the difference between the following tyres:

  • Snow Tyre
  • Low Profile High Performance Tyre
  • Cross-ply Tyre
  • Standard Car Tyre
  • Run-flat

Well we do - in fact we can also explain the profile, the speed rating, the load index and even the original tyre recommended for your vehicle. But we also know the biggest cause of rapid tyre wear, poor handling, difficult braking, all resulting in poor performance and high running costs -TYRE PRESSURE

You don't get Service at a Service Station anymore and half the time the tyre pressure gauges are abused and incorrect. Mullins Tyres will still check your

tyre pressures

monthly at no cost, even if you bought the tyres somewhere else.

Because tyres are the biggest grudge purchase people will ever make on their vehicle here's a few ways of really getting your moneys worth out of that purchase.

Below are some key things to consider with respect to Tyres.

Tyre Pressures

Incorrect tyre pressures will effect the life of your tyres and the handling of your car. Car manufacturers design a vehicle for a particular type of tyre set at a recommended pressure and unfortunately rubber loses air particles through the porrous walls of a tyre.


underinflated tyre

is not only dangerous but costing money to push down the road and with an eventual build up of heat is capable of exploding. Underinflated tyres wear the outside shoulders of the tyre, increase fuel consumption and handling.

An overinflated tyre will wear the centre of the tread and reduce the footprint of the tyre on the road.

A FREE no obligation tyre pressure check at any of our customer friendly Mullins Tyres Stores is a much better alternative, we suggest:

  1. When the tyres are cold
  2. Regular checks - monthly is fine
  3. Include the spare - space savers need a lot more pressure

Wheel Balance

Wheels out of balance cause excessive tyre wear and create a shake through the steering and suspension that is slowly damaging components of the car. If tyres are moved from the rearĀ  (rotated) to be fitted on the front they need to be balanced or it's quite likely the vehicle will shake.

We recommend that every wheel that has a tyre fitted to it be balanced, be it on a car, van, trailer, truck or motorcycle to achieveĀ the best possible life out of that tyre, and save you money.

Wheel Alignment

Can you imagine the stress and cost of a vehicle travelling down a road with the rear wheels not following the front wheels? This is commonly the consequence of a car out of wheel alignment, whether it be from old age that consists of wear and tear to steering and suspension components or results of an accident, minor and major. It may well be as simple as the vehicle has been imported into New Zealand and not set to NZ road specifications.

We recommend an annual check on you wheel alignment, in fact if no adjustments are necessary we only charge $25 for the time spent, very cheap for your peace of mind.

Tyre Rotation

As the front tyres on most cars today are on front wheel drive vehicles, they seem to wear far quicker than tyres on rear wheel drive vehicles due to the combination of steering, braking and driving constantly. We recommend a rotatation every 10,000 kms in which we would pressure check every tyre including the spare, balance and rotate and visually check for any wear discrepencies.

If you own a Constant Four Wheel Drive or Selective Four Wheel Drive vehicle then the matching of front and rear tyres is vital for the longevity of the differential and transmission by rotating you wear on all tyres at an even rate.

And when you are totally lost with what to do - come and see us at

Mullins Tyres Ltd


Commercial Tyres

If you require Commercial Tyres of any nature we can help you out too from:

  • 6 ply Van Tyres to
  • Fork Hoist to
  • Earthmoving Tyres

Mullins Tyres has fitted them all through their Mullins Truck Shops out of Avondale and Takapuna.

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Keywords: Car, Wheel, Wheel Alignment