Seeking- Caroline Elizabeth Jackson & Michael Frederick Moylan

By: Moratti & Associates  06-Dec-2011

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Sometimes and for various reasons a tracing case may become virtually impossible due to lack of solid leads and it's like like chasing a ghost. In our experience it pays to try all avenues so this page is created on the off-chance that the person we are seeking is also searching. It is amazing how often this is the case so hopefully the listings below attract the attention we need to help our clients'.

Seeking - Birth father associated with Ann Patricia Rush

We are working with a wonderful lady who was born in Auckland on 18 September 1955. Her birth mother was Ann Patricia Rush who has since passed away, taking with her the only knowledge of who our client’s father may be. The only lead is that he may have been a welder or a fitter/turner by trade.

We can assume that conception was on or between Christmas 1954 around New Year 1955.

Our client is a professional, genuine lady who would love to meet her father. Can you help?

Seeking - Caroline Elizabeth JACKSON

We are currently acting for a client who was born 21/3/1970 at National Womens Hospital Auckland. She was born with the name Natalie Jackson and the mother gave her name as Caroline Elizabeth Jackson although we now believe that to be false. Some of the information provided on the birth documents does not add up so hopefully you can help.

At the time of birth the mother said she was 26 and served a confinement period at 40 Henley Road Mt Eden Auckland. She said the father was Robert Weatherhead but that he had been killed in a car accident in September 1969. We can find no record of the death or even of a birth for Caroline. We have spoken with both possible Robert Weatherheads and they believe that their details are incorrect. She also said that she worked at Derek Modes as a machinist and that her Manager was Mr Kent. We located and spoke with Mr Kent and although he knew of one lady in that situation back then, she has since made contact with her child, is not the person we seek and there were no others they can recall. We seem to be chasing a ghost and have exhausted all leads.

My client is a lovely lady who would like to meet her birth mother.

Can you help?

Seeking - Michael Frederick MOYLAN

Michael was born 11 March 1936, probably in Dublin Ireland and was in New Zealand in the late 1950's. Michael worked for a time at Alex, Harvey & Sons', Taranaki Street Wellington and lived at that time in Island Bay, Wellington.

We believe that Michael left New Zealand around 1960 and, as he would now be about 72 years of age we need to contact him urgently. This is a family matter and one he will be keen to learn of.

Seeking - Jim Lawrence (sp?)

Our client was born Mary Gillies on 1 October 1971 although she was named 'Toni' on her original birth certificate. She has located her birth Mother Maxine Jane Gillies who was 17 at the time and a short-hand typist. Maxine lived at 8 Peck Street Ellerslie at the time of conception and my clients birth Father was an apprentice mechanic who was 19 years of age, probably 1/2 Maori with an American Grandfather. He was not told of the pregnancy and 'Mary' was adopted out. His name is thought to be Jim Lawrence or Laurence.

My client would dearly love to find her Father as she is now married and has children of her own.

Can you help?

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