Background Enquiries, Pre-employment Checks, Throughout New Zealand

By: Moratti & Associates  06-Dec-2011

Background Enquiries, Pre-employment Checks, Throughout New Zealand

I operate a boutique investigative firm in the US serving the investment industry. We were given a rush pre-employment background assignment on an executive legal assistant candidate for a partner at a major private equity firm in Manhattan. The candidate had only recently relocated to New York from New Zealand and it was critical that we utilize an investigator on the ground in Auckland to effectively complete the investigation. Not only was Rod a pleasure to work with he completed the assignment in less than twenty four hours through the use of public record searches and multiple source interviews enabling our client to quickly and comfortably move forward with hiring the candidate. As someone who utilizes investigators overseas often, the service Rod provided as well as his pricing couldn’t have been better. The quality of his effort was well received. Thanks for making me look good.
Michael S.

Many relationships are started on-line these days and often the parties are in different countries or continents. Before committing to travel to New Zealand to meet that person or sending expensive gifts, it is important that you know that the person is genuine and that you have not been unfortunately duped. Moratti & Associates can provide you with photographs and other information to confirm that your trust is justified (or otherwise) and
this will give you the knowledge to proceed accordingly.

Here is some feedback from a recent client.

I chose Moratti and Associates because I felt reassured that my enquiry would remain totally confidential. Utilizing Rod’s professional services was straight forward and enabled me to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation should I have attempted to acquire the information myself. Rod was a pleasure to deal with and promptly provided me with the information I had requested as well as additional details of significance I had not been expecting and was thankful to receive. This impressive, fast service led me to recommend Moratti and Associates to my family and to my employer and I would certainly utilize Rod’s services again should the need arise. Thanks Rod! Leanne

If you are planning to give credit to a business or maybe a merger or other business agreement you should get a full background on that entity. We have access to a vast array of information on companies, directors and shareholders both in the credit and trust areas.

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Pre-employment checks

We conduct background checks and verifications upon people who you have in your employ or you may be looking to hire. It is vital that you conduct  pre-employment screening to establish a persons honesty, whether they have a criminal history, their credit history and to confirm that their references are genuine.

In many cases we will conduct a credit and background check and speak with previous employers and usually have the information back to you within 24 hours. We include confirmation checks of schooling and university qualifications and any other searches applicable.

Some of the checks and confirmation we provide:

  • Confirmation of identity

  • Details of traffic & criminal convictions*

  • Employment history

  • Educational qualifications

  • Credit history

  • Referee verification and contact

  • Professional memberships

  • Conflict of interest (NZ Companies Office)

If you are a placement agency you will already have had them sign a release form. If not, they can sign the authorisation form below.

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