Print and Transaction Management for Universities, Colleges and Technical Institutes

By: Monitor Business  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Point of Sale, Print Management, Transaction Management

  • Charge print, copy, scan, PC or Internet time, library payments, point of sale, parking, vending, laundry and course costs to ID cards
  • Reduce administration costs by removing cash handling and automating reporting
  • Cut wastage through secure print release and enforced print rules
  • Enhance campus life with one card (or other identifier) to pay for services
  • Combine student and VISA debit cards for easy charging of all campus costs.

Students appreciate the convenience of using ID cards to pay for print, copy, PC sessions, course materials or library fines.  Staff no longer have to handle and reconcile cash, improving security.

Large and small universities, technical institutes and community colleges can start charging for documents, and then add other services incrementally, using an existing ID card.

Use existing cards and devices

Any barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity card or PIN can be used to access a student or staff account. Tracking print or other costs using staff cards improves budgeting and cuts waste.

Funds are safe - stored in a secure account, not on the card. A student locks a lost or stolen card and buys a replacement.

Parents paying for their students' study can track spending through Monitor's web based account management software. They can also transfer value to the account from credit cards and pay fees or fines, all from anywhere in the world.

VISA Debit and ID cards combined for easy budgeting

When universities combine an ID card with a VISA debit card, Monitor is able to charge photocopy, scan, printing and library fee transactions to the student's prepaid Visa account, via a secure gateway. One card is now all that is needed for all campus (and off campus) purchases.

Keywords: Point of Sale, Print Management, Transaction Management

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