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By: Moneyscience  05-Apr-2012

December 2010

Well, now 2010 limps to a close.. a tough year for most. From most of the business people I speak with, they have had an extremely tough year, and expect the same for next year as well. I expext we will see a brief upsurge in positivity around the time of the Rugby World Cup next winter..

July 2010

Due to the Don's exit from Moneyscience; and our interest to maintain a close relationship with all our clients, Peter Seers & Alan MacDougall will travel to Dunedin to meet with anyone who would like a personal meeting or a review of your facilities. We will be in Dunedin for 3 days..

June 2010

It is with deep regret that my friend and colleague of the past 6 years, Don McColl, has chosen to exit the Finance & Insurance industry. During the past 2 years, things have been very different in our industry. 1. We entered regulation where we are required to qualify to remain in this..

May 2010

There has been considerable discussion about whether interest rates will increase fast or slow. My take on this is that they will increase slowly - maybe bay 0.5% to 1% over the next 12 months. I feel that they will probably increase slower than 1%, but I have been wrong before. You may ask..

March 2010

This seems to have settled down now, with most of the proposed tax changes eliminated. As far as depreciation is concerned, I feel that the proposed changes will be very fair. Let's face it, depreciation is merely a cash flow benefit, and not the real reason one invests..

February 2010

Property Taxes.. Well, not much happened here - as I predicted. I still believe that there will be changes in relation to property taxation; however I expect these to catch ALL people, rather than just targeting property investors. It seems extremely inappropriate to..

January 2010

The last half of 2009 was terrible for me at Moneyscience! It seemed that all year we experienced technical "issues". Now some of those troubles were my fault - I think I broke 3 phones; but the computer troubles were horrific. Towards the end of 2009, we were only receiving about every 2nd..

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I expect that the rates will not move until about April to July next year, but beware - Lenders will increase their medium term rates BEFORE any increase in the OCR so it will be important to â??pickâ? the right time to fix your interest rates before this happens.