Employee Time and Attendance System

Employee Time and Attendance System from Mitrefinch NZ

By: Mitrefinch NZ  27-Jul-2011
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An indispensable management tool, Mitrefinch’s automated Time and Attendance System delivers a host of tangible benefits:

  • Monitor employees and projects, across multiple sites, pay centres and remote facilities
  • Eliminate manual calculation of work hours, pay rates and awards
  • Cut project time frames
  • Reduce labour costs and costly payroll errors
  • Maximise efficient use of current and projected manpower
  • Automate compliance with workplace/employee legislation

In addition, a direct interface to your external HR and Payroll applications further reduces payroll administration and the potential for error.

The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can be customised to suit the production cycles, shift patterns, awards and workplace rules of your organisation.

All while calculating your base and overtime pay, weekend and public holiday penalties, as well as leave loading and shift penalties.

Meet your Health and Safety Requirements

Real time attendance reports allow you to view who is onsite at any given time.

If evacuation is required, Emergency Services can negate the likelihood of taking needless risks to rescue people who may already be safe.   

Ditch the dated Punch Cards, Timesheets and Bundy Clocks

Tracking employee attendance is no longer limited to punching clock cards or completing manual timesheets.

Whether your staff are office based, working on the road or at a remote facility, on the shop floor or production area, Mitrefinch's automated Time and Attendance system can collect your employee attendance information.

Mitrefinch clocking options include:
  • * Biometric devices
  • * Swipe cards
  • * Proximity fobs
  • * Web or Windows based clocking on PCs and Laptops
  • * Online Timesheets
  • * Mobile clocking on PDAs and Smart Mobile Phones
  • * iPhone/iPad applications

As Mitrefinch design, develop, manufacture and support all our software and hardware in-house, we are completely responsible for the full system implementation, project management and support of our employee management solutions.

Control the impact of absenteeism

Unplanned absenteeism is a major concern for many organisations often resulting in a decrease in productivity and missed deadlines.

Plus higher labour costs as you may need to hire contractors or pay higher overtime costs for other staff to cover for absent employees.

The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system monitors and records patterns of absenteeism, sick leave, and productivity, allowing you to establish any regular patterns or sudden unexplained changes.

Our advanced Absence Management functionality allows you to profile staff by absence tracking. With this data, you can easily identify workers suspected of abusing sick leave and possible absenteeism trends – allowing you to deal with problem areas before they do any more damage to your bottom line.

How much could an effective Time and Attendance System save you? Visit us online and check out our ROI Calculator

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