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By: Minux Technologies  06-Dec-2011
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We strongly believe that our number one goal as your website designer is to assist you as best we can in developing an extremely persuasive website.

To do this we follow a six-step process.

1. Plan
The first step in the process is the ‘Plan’ step. Establishing a persuasive website is not a simple job and like most complex challenges, careful planning is vital to success.

We work with you to carefully plan your new website. We do this by carefully researching your market, the competition, your products and services and the current online market environment.

We work with you to get inside your customer’s mind to understand their needs, their goals and their problems. We analyse your customers to discover what drives them and what motivates them. And from there, we carefully plan, on paper, each of the main pages of your website to ensure that we maximise their persuasive ability.

The result is a comprehensive blueprint of your new website. An outline of how you would like your new website to look and feel. A plan that outlines exactly what things will appear where, on each of the main web pages. And … a brief that summarises what content needs to be created for each page to ensure that it persuades your visitors to take action!

2. Design
The second step in the Minux.co.nz process is the ‘design’ step.

Design is the process of creating a clear visual of how the new website will look and feel. We have team of talented designers whose passion is to create for you a design that looks professional and successfully presents your brand in the online world.

Our designers don’t just rely on you for creative inspiration. Instead, they inject their own creativity and provide you with advice and guidance as to world design trends, professional design standards and creative elements that will persuade your visitors to take action and produce results.

The web design is refined until you are 100% happy with it. Like all stages of the Minux.co.nz process, we do not proceed until you are 100% happy. It is important to us that you are completely happy with each and every stage of your web project.

3. Development
Once the website has been planned and the visual designs approved, development begins. The website code is now developed and tested to ensure that it does not contain any errors. The appropriate measurement systems are also configured within the new website.

Measurement is extremely important. Once the new website is launched, you need to know what is working successfully on the new website and what isn’t. What I mean by that is … you need to know which pages are successfully persuading your visitors to take action and which pages are not.

Let me pause for a second here though to explain an important point. In my years at Minux.co.nz I have meet literally hundreds of people who think that setting up a new website is a one-iteration cycle. Many people seem to think that you setup a website, and as long as you are competent, you get it perfect first time. The website is launched and from ‘go-day’, it is an unstoppable selling machine.

Experience has taught me that this is impossible no matter how good you are. Great websites become great websites (just like great businesses become great businesses) through careful systematic improvement.

At the very heart of careful, systematic improvement lays measurement. If you want to improve something then you need to measure it first. Measurement helps you keep score. It tells you whether you’ve successfully improved something or made it worse!

Because measurement is so important, Minux.co.nz provides the measurement tools that you need to show you what is working and what isn’t.

4. Content
On the completion of the build step, we arrive at step 4 – the content step. Content creation is a vital step in the whole Minux.co.nz process.

Many, many websites fail because their content and message is simply not persuasive.

With Minux.co.nz, you can choose what you would like to do. As part of the first step (the plan step), we produce a clear brief of what copy is required for the new website. From there you have a decision to make. You can create your own content and load it into your website, or, alternatively you can have a Minux.co.nz copywriter create your content for you.

The choice is yours. But whatever you do – do not make the mistake of not taking this step seriously enough.

5. Launch
Once your content has been created and loaded into your website, the website is ready to launch… and out come the champagne and the party hats to celebrate!

Many people think it all ends here. But trust me … this journey is only just beginning!

6. Improve
A new website must be tuned and it must be promoted. Promotion gets visitors to the website and tuning improves the ongoing performance of the website. This has to be one of the most important steps in the whole web development process and is something that you need to take very seriously. So here’s what we do to assist you in this area.

Powerful Tools – we provide you with a suite of powerful tools to assist you in ongoing management and improvement of your website. The suite of tools includes; content management & improvement, merchandising (if appropriate), order/enquiry management and tracking, and customer management.Education – we provide you with a number of education sources to up-skill appropriate people within your organisation including a copy of our book, ‘Secrets of Website Persuasion’ and ongoing access to the Minux.co.nz Learning Centre – a special ‘customer only’ website jam-packed with learning videos, demonstrations and special ‘how-to’ articlesOngoing Support – every Minux.co.nz customer gets ongoing access to our support team. All our support specialists are trained e-business professionals who are available to assist you with any technical and e-business questions you may have.

Keywords: Web Design

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