Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing from Mind Body Institute

By: Mind Body Institute  11-Oct-2010
Keywords: Massage, Natural Health, Back Pain


The chakras are the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. The chakras are vortexes of moving energy, which then stimulate various endocrine organs in the body to secrete hormones into the blood system. The effects of hormones control our body. They also affect our state of mind.

The chakras purify our energy from the gross, physical plane associated with our primal instincts and basic animal nature, turning it into a highly refined spiritual plane that connects us with the source of life itself. When we begin the journey into our Chakras we open the way for healing, psychological development and spiritual growth.

As we progress upward through the energy centres, we learn more about who we are and the ideas and attitudes that form our lives.

This system of healing is ancient. It was mentioned in Vedic records and many original cultures embraced an understanding of energy. The Egyptians perfected it through aromatherapy and colour healing. Today in our highly charged world we are in urgent need of understanding this ancient knowledge.

Beginning with Tantric Kundalini Bodywork to ENERGIZE and AWAKEN your Chakra System to increase power and energy. Various movements over the body will help increase circulation and promote well bring.

Chakra Balance Sessions include a full body massage with Chakra activation

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