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By: Microway  06-Dec-2011

ERP² for SAP

ERP² enables accurate and rapid transfer of data from spreadsheets or databases into SAP in a simple three-step process.

Step 1 - Record a template
Step 2 - Add data to be uploaded
Step 3 - Upload immediately or Schedule upload

ERP² is the easiest, fastest yet most powerful SAP data upload solution. All SAP transactions can be used to upload data into, even custom transactions!

Business users need not have any technical skills such as LSMW, CATTeCATT, SHDB and BDC programming. ERP² allows users to create complex scenarios easily. Want to upload data based on conditions? Does your transaction have a different first screen? Do you want to do multi-line transactions with a variable number of lines per transaction? Want to download data while you are uploading and use that information in another transaction automatically? Want to string transactions, one after the other? Want to upload data using a BAPI? ERP² can let you do all this with absolute ease!

Use ERP² in all your SAP modules, from FI, CO, SD, MM, PP through to HR. Use it for Master Data or Transactional Data. Use it to print your SAP Reports. Deploy it individually on a desktop or use it in an enterprise installation with a central server.

Qubed for SAP

Qubed is an SAP Data extraction and reporting product. An easy to use 3 step process is all that is required to extract your data..

Step 1 - Select tables and fields
Step 2 - Enter query criteria
Step 3 - Extract SAP data to Excel

Qubed is designed for business users as well as technical users and is incredibly easy to use. Business users do not need to understand SAP tables or fields, they can create the query by stepping through a transaction in SAP's familiar GUI - this will record the fields the user has selected and will automatically create the complete query!

For technical users, we provide the ability to create their own joins and manually add tables, structures and fields. All tables in SAP can be accessed except for System Tables. Qubed users can use queries to create publish-ready reports in minutes using the built-in report writer.

Do you want to create a report in minutes? Extract data from anywhere in SAP, including Transparent tables, Cluster tables, Pool tables and Views without the use of SE16 or SQ01? Do you want to extract data from SAP Structures and do not know the underlying table? Qubed's automatic Structure Lookup will look up your Transparent table and field for your Structures. Do you need to create custom joins? Do you want your multiple table query to automatically include existing SAP joins? Are you struggling to extract data from you huge SAP Cluster tables? Are your requests for complex data extraction met with some head-scratching by the IT department? Do your requests for new reports take weeks or even longer to fulfill? Do your reports lack that all important polished look?

If any or all of the above questions are true for you, you need Qubed and take control of your own data in your own time frame!

For more information please contact the MicroWay sales team:
Head Office
MicroWay Pty Ltd
PO Box 84,
Braeside, Victoria, 3195, Australia
Ph: 1300 553 313
Fax: 1300 132 709
ABN: 56 129 024 825
Sydney Sales Office
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Crows Nest, NSW 1585, Australia
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New Zealand Sales Office
MicroWay Pty Ltd (NZ)
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Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Tel: 0800 450 168

International: call +61 3 9580 1333, fax +61 3 9580 8995

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