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By: Microway  06-Dec-2011
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Get the best e-learning products in one great package.

Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio '09 gives you these powerful products in one integrated package. You'll have everything you need to quickly create e-learning courses from PowerPoint and develop stunning interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and surveys — for one affordable price.


Even non-technical users will create professional, interactive e-learning courses easily, quickly, and affordably. That's because Articulate knows e-learning — and they listen to their extensive and active community. Your workflow will be streamlined and intuitive because every tool has been designed from the ground up by e-learning experts.

All tools in Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio '09 work together seamlessly. Insert selected quiz slides into your course. Set options for how participants navigate based on their assessment results. Use the Articulate Video Encoder '09 to import any video and convert it to Flash. And since the Studio Professional suite also includes Articulate Engage '09, you'll easily add stunning interactive content.With Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio '09, you'll enjoy the power of more complex authoring tools in one easy-to-use, affordable package. the free, fully-functional 15 day trial version today. (PDF)

Effectively track e-learning activity without the usual hassle

What if you could:

  • your Articulate authoring tools?

  • deliver that content directly to your intended audience?

  • track who is viewing your presentations and how they respond to your quizzes and surveys?

And what if it was incredibly affordable, too?

Introducing Articulate Online.

Articulate Online is a new user-friendly hosted service that allows you to track how employees, customers and prospects interact with your e-learning courses, assessments and presentations. And publishing and delivering that content is easy.

You’ll never need an expensive corporate learning management system, and you’ll never worry about frustrating and unnecessary complexity. Even individual employees and business units of large organizations can quickly and easily publish content, track e-learning activity online, and get detailed reports without the bureaucratic hassle. With all-inclusive plans, there’s no reason to miss out on crucial e-learning intelligence any longer.


Create compelling Flash presentations and e-learning courses—with Presenter '09, it's easy and quick.

Create Flash content with ease
At Articulate, we're e-learning specialists. That's why you'll find everything you need in Presenter '09 exactly where you need it. You'll reach your audience fast, and you'll make your point with power.

You'll enjoy being able to:

  • Quickly distribute highly interactive, persuasive materials
  • Help subject-matter-experts share their expertise directly
  • Spread your message everywhere in a format everyone can view

Get quick results from powerful features
With Articulate Presenter '09, you'll not only look great, you'll have the power to create real change. You'll get attention and inspire learning with easy-to-use features that you won't find in other programs, such as:

  • Animated annotations that highlight important points
  • Clear, crisp images and video
  • Multi-level navigation and branching
  • Embedded live web pages and other objects
  • Multiple publishing options, including Flash, Word, CD and podcasts

Never worry about compatibility
Articulate Presenter '09 saves your content in the universally accepted Flash format, so it runs on any Web server or LMS (plus our Articulate Online service). It also creates SCORM and AICC-compliant content so you can easily track results on your LMS.

Effortlessly craft Flash-based quizzes, assessments and surveys

Quiz creation has never been so quick—or so creative. Articulate Quizmaker '09 gives you unprecedented power and freedom in a new streamlined interface. Whether you're a new or seasoned quiz creator, you'll easily create professional, custom Flash quizzes and surveys.

Build it your way

Quizmaker '09 has you covered with two intuitive development modes:

  • Form-based editing with form view: Build a professional quiz in minutes—it's as easy as filling out a form. Just tab from field to field.
  • Free-form editing with slide view: Create your own vision with the freedom of developing in Flash but with none of the hassles.

Enjoy the power of simplicity

Thanks to Quizmaker's clean, friendly interface, you'll easily apply advanced features.

  • Quickly group and randomize questions—without separating questions that should appear together
  • Include images, Flash, and audio—even create a scenario that develops over several screens
  • Branch quiz takers to different slides depending on how they answer each question
  • Choose from a wide selection of professionally designed themes or create your own
  • Give your quiz takers specific results and feedback based on their scores

And if you want some tips with all this power, we offer the best support in the industry—but you're not likely to need it.

Challenge and engage your audience

Quizmaker '09 offers question types that go beyond the basics. Of course, you'll have professionally designed multiple-choice, true/false, and Likert questions. But you'll also surprise and engage your quiz takers with drag-and-drop questions, hot spots, and more (20 different types in all!).

Get a warm welcome everywhere

Your Quizmaker '09 quizzes will be in Flash format, which means they'll be accessible to just about anyone anywhere. Your quiz takers will enjoy a rich, interactive experience while you enjoy freedom from technical hassles. Quizmaker makes it easy to create quizzes that you can:

  • Integrate with Articulate Presenter '09 courses and presentations
  • Connect with your SCORM or AICC-compliant learning management system
  • Insert into any page on your Web site

Easily add stunning interactive content to your e-learning courses

Looking for compelling learning interaction and stunning visual quality, all without the need for expensive design or programming?That’s Articulate Engage.Energise your e-learning courses with Engage—a quick and easy tool that lets you create lean-forward experiences that learners love. The ability to produce dazzling interactions that turn passive viewers into active learners makes Engage a must-have companion to Articulate Presenter for producing quality e-learning courses.

You can now actively encourage discovery by prompting learners to interact:

  • Examine in greater detail each step of a process.
  • Explore the relationship between timeline events through text, images and sound.
  • Drill down into key elements of a diagram to better understand the main points.
The familiar Flash format allows interactions to integrate seamlessly into virtually any e-learning course, or even stand alone on any Web site. Once you see how quickly and easily you can create great looking interactive content, you’ll never want to produce passive e-learning again. the free, fully-functional 15-day trial version of Engage today.

Easily convert your videos into the popular Flash video format

Articulate Video Encoder '09 makes it easier than ever to add full-motion video to your Studio '09 content. You’ll quickly convert almost any video into the popular .FLV Flash video format, and easily trim, crop, and polish while you're at it. You can even record video directly from your web cam.

You'll have rich FLV video in minutes. Add it to your Articulate Presenter '09 slides or Presenter panel, or use it to enrich your Quizmaker '09 quizzes and Engage '09 interactions. There’s nothing like video to create a lasting impression.

Convert these formats to FLV Flash video:
AVI Files (.avi), Windows Media Files (.wmv, .asf), QuickTime Files (.mov, .qt), MPEG Files (.mpg, .mpe, .m1v, .m2v, .m4v, .mp4), Digital Video Files (.dv) 3G Video Files (.3gp, .3g2)


  • Import almost any video format - Convert a wide range of common video formats into the universally accepted Flash video format.
  • Convert just part of the video - Don't need the full video? Drag pointers on the timeline to set your start and end points.
  • Crop the image - Easily crop the video to remove distractions and highlight what's important.
  • Quickly make improvements - Simple controls make it easy to adjust the volume, brightness, and contrast for professional results.
  • Brand it with your logo or watermark - Add any image as a logo or watermark to make the video match your project or brand.
  • Enjoy fine control over publishing options - Choose from the easy presets or specify exactly what you want for encoding method, bitrate, dimensions, and more. Save your custom settings so they're always available.
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