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By: Mermaid's Purse  05-Apr-2012
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Off for an adventure.

So what was this most precious thing that Luna was running to show me?

Oh yes, a “Tiny mushroom!”

Found somewhere right over there…

That wasn’t the only one either.

So much to discover at Cornwall Park.  Luna declared (after Autumn Equinox dinner, which included candles) “Today was the best day!”

Kauri bark and gum,


Om nom nom, risotto with lentils, carrot and walnuts, accompanied by roast kumara and potato, topped with fresh basil…

Hope you had a good equinox.

Hey see you this Sunday!!

Lining up objects is still big at our house.

In the front room beside the bowls bag.

I use mine for bread rolls, nuts, apples, these are fabric so good for dry goods, and thy wash well!  I have chosen and carefully laundered vintage cottons, and whipped them up into these handy (and so pretty!) snack bags.

These are my ones, come and see me this weekend to get your own!

Sunday 25th March
11 am – 2 pm
The Grey Lynn Community Centre
510 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn

Playing around with some ideas for my latest sew retro project…  Style 4283 from 1973.

I found a couple of meters of sweatshirt material at my mums, and decided it would be a could test run, I have some other lovely vintage printed knit fabrics in my stash, but I want to be sure I get the fit right before cutting into something one off…

I have some perfectly co-ordinated vintage trims that I’d love to get on something wearable, so playing around with some ideas… either a collar detail, or a belt, this is all I have of the more detailed trim, it could be a feature for the belt?  I tend to go for less when it comes to dresses, and it just might be OTT for me, what to do what to do!

A current project I’m working on is documenting our family handwork, specifically the collection of vintage embroidery.  This includes work by my nana Shirley and her mother, and some other unknowns, maybe older family pieces, or work made by family friends.

This is one of my favourite sets, I love the beige colour, the composition of the the violets and the wide crochet boarder.

So simple, and the reverse of this piece is so perfect, you know the sewer was skilled.

See?  Not a thread loose.

More old curiousities from mum’s place.  I have always remembered this doll, I think it’s the print on the fabric, and s/he’s also like my sleepy dolly that I had (and still have) when I was little.

She is a little worse for wear, sadly.  Though she has been well loved.

I was interested to see how she was finished where she was closed after stuffing, straight down the back.  Not what I had expected.

A pumpkin!  Or it’s probably actually a squash!

I love autumn, and pumpkins are so very autumn.  The best ones are those that come up by accident, out of garden compost…  this one is in the soon to be garlic bed.  If there’s room.

Ramona’s pretty excited too.

Isobel and Iris.

I’ve been helping my mum sort out some of the family stuff that’s been with us (her) for years and years, there have been a few fabulous discoveries.  Like this one, my dad sleeping a drawing by my nana, he must have been about 3 or 4, I gather.  Boxes of her work was not recovered before the Big Family Fall Out, my granddad, still alive somewhere apparently disposed of heaps of old family stuff, sad really, in some ways these fragments help connect me to my dad, telling me more of his story.

Lots more of nana’s illustrations, I’m going to have to commit some time scanning them along with many old photos.

Luna created the Wood Place.

Keywords: Fabrics

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