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By: Medipak  06-Dec-2011
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Camera Systems & Documentation « Medipak NZ Ltd

KARL STORZ HD – highest standards for image input and image output.

Medipak Surgical is the exclusive New Zealand distributor for KARL STORZ, world leader in endoscopy.
KARL STORZ is a German manufacturer of high quality endoscopic equipment and surgical instruments, providing a single source of endoscopic solutions for the widest range of disciplines.
Medical instruments and appliances from KARL STORZ are esteemed throughout the world as being the most advanced and reliable.



The Complete Optical Chain:
KARL STORZ provides all components required to ensure the best optical quality from the camera head to the screen.

These components are ideally matched and coordinated, working in perfect harmony to create the perfect instrument, maximising functionality and quality for each individual endoscopic system.



Whether the procedure is simple or complex, KARL STORZ, a leader in medical video imaging, gives you the best view possible with a fully integrated image management system. 




  • IMAGE1™ HD Digital Camera
    Image Quality is crucial for anyone performing advanced procedures.  The IMAGE1™ HD Digital Camera provides superior resolution in a footprint that facilitates ease of use by the entire team.
  • New KARL STORZ H3-Z Camera Head
    100% Compatible KARL STORZ Camera Head
    This device has been equipped with the latest HD sensor technology and specifically adopted optical components thus providing best in class colour reproduction and brightness.
    Preserving your investment…
    Due to our platform concept and modular design the H3-Z is 100% compatible with the existing camera control unit IMAGE 1 HUB™ HD. 
    A perfect couple…
    The combination with the IMAGE 1 HUB™ HD with Image Capture Module (ICM) yields a powerful and versatile imaging system. 
  • IMAGE1™
    Converts the optical image to a digital signal at the CCD sensing chip for the cleanest, sharpest images.
  • Image1™ HD
    Image1™ High Definition offers a superior image with a wide, more natural 16:9 format and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for FULL HD with 2 million pixels.  That is the highest resolution in the medical industry.
  • IMAGE1 HUB™ camera system
    The Image 1® platform represents a single hub that provides effective control of HD visualization components and image management systems to optimize workflow by delivering:
    True Multidisciplinary system
    Flexibility and control
    Identical Multispecialty carts
    More efficient processes
    True OR standardization
    User control of medical devices directly from the camera head
    The integrative and expandable architecture of the IMAGE1 HUB™ system from KARL STORZ ensures it is always ready to incorporate new technologies, such as High Definition.
  • New IMAGE1 HUB™ High Definition
    The new HD platform IMAGE1 HUB™ HD from KARL STORZ offers the user the highest image quality for the precise display of even the finest tissue and vascular structures.

The Karl Storz Image1 series of Camera Control Hubs is a one stop platform for all flexible and rigid endoscopes with standard eyepieces which now offers the option of including an Image Capture Module (ICM) – this provides direct image capture and video sequence recording to a USB or portable HDD in addition to KARL STORZ ability to link into any existing hospital documentation system.

  • Image1 HD CCU
    A Platform Design for Optimal Workflow:
    The KARL STORZ IMAGE1™ series Camera Control Unit (CCU) provides a single Hub for all KARL STORZ Rigid, Flexible, Video-scopes and specialty specific camera heads.

Analogue Range

  • TELECAM® SL II – Single chip
    This multifunctional, cost effective camera system is ideal for Out Patients.
    The latest development in the TELECAM SL II platform offers enhanced functionality, improved image quality and high performance, ensuring a high degree of patient safety combined with cost-effectiveness.
    This camera system offers a high degree of optoelectronic accuracy and precision.
    Signals are processed by means of a new, enhanced digital image processor.  The endoscopic image is produced true to the original image.  The image processor also assumes automatic image optimisation during continuously changing illumination and colour conditions.
    Manual adjustment is therefore no longer necessary.
    The user has several pre-assigned digital optimisation filters at their disposal for adjustment to rigid, semi-rigid and flexible endoscopes at the touch of a button.
    Video outputs such as Digital-Video (DV) and all analogue signal variations are an integral feature of TRICAM SL II standard equipment.

Data Management and Documentation

    The TELE PACK™ Control Unit, with integrated, digital Image Processing Module, is a comprehensive, multifunctional and compact documentation terminal that can be used in the emergency room, as a compact system in the doctor’s office, or as a secondary system in the operating room.
  • AIDA®
    The KARL STORZ AIDA® product family offers optimal information and documentation solutions for all endoscopic and open surgeries.
    AIDA is connected digitally to the Image 1 camera system and provides the nursing and surgical team with a very convenient intuitive graphical/icon interface to process the quick 3 step capture, review/print, save program.



In addition to 15” and 19” TFT flat screens, which are also available as a touch-screen version, KARL STORZ also includes the new 24” and 26” HD Wide View™ monitors in its product range. The 24” and 26” LCD monitors provide an optimal display of all HD signals in a 16:10 format with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.  Further monitors up to 55” are available for OR1 applications.

Light Sources

Today’s cold light projectors from KARL STORZ only use exclusive and particularly powerful Halogen or Xenon light sources.
The modern, perfectly matched light systems from KARL STORZ, consisting of a lamp and a concave mirror, ensure reliable and proven illumination by projecting light evenly and effectively onto the surface of the light guide.

LED technology is another light source used.  It features an extremely long lamp life of >23,000 hours of operation and a light weight compact model.

The D-LIGHT C-System from KARL STORZ offers a system for the photodynamic examination of the bladder and the D-LIGHT C/AF for photodynamic diagnosis in bronchoscopy.  This system also features an integrated autofluorescence mode.

Video Carts Supplied by Medipak Surgical:

Supplied with Electrical Isolation transformer and 24/7 earth leakage alarm system for all equipment plugged into tower.
And the benefits of tailoring the camera cart to suit the end-users requirements.
With options for:
Fixed touch screen monitor pedestal
Rear doors for secure connection of cabling.
360deg Swivel central mounted monitor arm
Side mounted monitor arms
CO2 Bottle holder (Vertical)
Keyboard and mouse drawer
Camera head drawer for safe storage
Monitor covers for protection during storage.
Multiple shelves


Endoscopy, FULL HD camera technology, visulisation, documentation, communication, integration – we understand the complex requirements in ORs.  KARL STORZ OR1 intergrated digital theatre systems improve workflow processes and enhance patient safety that benefit both the hospital and the patient.  KARL STORZ set the highest standards in PROVEN MEDICAL INTEGRATION.

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