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By: Mediate Security  06-Dec-2011
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We offer a broad range of Security and Hosting services, assisting in the success of our clients Bars/Restaurants and Private or Commercial events.

  • Bars & Restaurants

    Our Door Hosting service centres around enhancing the patrons overall experience of your establishment.

    We work with you to maintain your existing clientele, or if need be, change the clientele to suit/fit the Bar/Restaurants new direction.

    Our experience has taught us that how we talk to and engage the patrons ultimately allows us to shape the ideal crowd for our clients.

    Through establishing dialogue and maintaining effective communication with our clients we help them achieve their vision.

  • Corporate Functions

    We cater to a variety of corporate events from product launches through to staff and/or client functions.

    At Mediate we are aware of the importance each touch point has on an overall brand experience. We undertake a needs based approach with our clients when providing a solution to their security requirements. As such, we have a clear understanding of what is beneficial or detrimental to your brand.

    We embrace the opportunity to contribute to the overall client or brand experience at an event or function. It is our job to deliver a courteous welcome and oversee a smooth event for all.

  • Event Security

    Effective risk management is vital when working with medium to large groups. To manage the security risk we undertake an initial site/venue inspection prior to the event, thus allowing us to fully assess the risk.

    The onsite inspection allows us to accurately pin-point areas of concern enabling us to professionally manage the issues reducing there potential impact and harm. We provide a 20 point checklist outlining key areas for a safe and secure event.

    Our team utilises communication technology to ensure a successful event, we employ short wave radios at all times to ensure total crowd control and effective communication regardless of team location within the venue.

    We are able to provide our services in all weather conditions and at all times of the day or night. The team are equipped with all weather gear and high visibility equipment ensuring the crowd are our focus and not the climate.

  • Private Functions

    Your privacy is paramount.

    By undertaking a site inspection we ensure we are familiar with the event location and the client is aware of our security procedures. This avoids any miscommunication or security risks. Our team is in constant communication for the duration of your event. The safety of your guests and a rewarding event is our primary concern.

    We provide security for a raft of occasions:

    • Weddings
    • Birthdays
    • Christmas Parties
    • New Year celebrations
    • Graduation
    • School Balls
    • House warmings
    • Personal minding
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