User Centred Web Design Auckland McGovern Online

By: Mcgovern  06-Dec-2011

Digital Strategy and Research

At McGovern we believe in strategic online development. Targeted research and sound planning are fundamental to creating an effective user centred web experience. We employ various research techniques to find who is likely to visit your website and for what purpose. Research, combined with analysis of your business objectives, underpins our creative approach.

We design websites and applications that are simple to use and visually appealing. Good design not only provides an enjoyable user experience, it also guides users effortlessly through a site's content and interactions. We blueprint the entire experience using sitemaps and detailed wireframes and test these for user interaction before visual design begins. Our interface layouts produce digital products that are accessible, usable and that comply with web standards.

Interfaces are coded using standards-compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Development of the site may integrate with systems, tools and databases as required. We provide you with Content Management Systems which allow you to edit your website. You will be able to update any page on your site immediately, for example, without any knowledge of coding. We commonly build sites using the DotNetNuke content management system as well as being big fans of WordPress for smaller developments. We offer full training in these systems.

Single Page Websites

McGovern undertakes comprehensive testing to ensure the site or application works well across different operating systems, devices and browsers. We conduct user interface testing as well as testing functionality. We also make sure your site will be accessible to people using text-only browsers and screen readers for the visually impaired.

Our robust Project Management methods mean that our projects are delivered on time and within budget. We work closely with clients to ensure you are engaged and informed throughout the entire development process. As a client you can expect regular progress reports, reviews and feedback.