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Smartlift scissor lift tables combine an extensive range of capacities, features and options to provide the factory and warehouse with lifting and work positioning.

SMARTLIFT controls standard on all tables. Unique to safetech they provide automatic down-indexing. electronic diagnostics and enhanced safety features.

  • manuel and powered turntables.
  • Tilting decks.
  • varied deck sizes and surfaces available.
  • designed for safety, Smartlift scissor lift tables meet or exceed all industry standards.

Scissor Lift Table Applications

Standard Options

Safetech have designed and manufactured thousands of scissor lift tables and we offer a wide range of options that can be easily be added to any table.

  • Manuel or automatic turntables to rotate the load.
  • Tilting decks that present the product to the operator.
  • High cycle capacity.
  • Safety bars or skirts to protect operators.
  • varied deck construction, stainless steel, chequerplate and more.
  • Special frames to capture the load.
  • Adapted for use as personnel lifts.
  • Low height tables for use with hand pallet trucks.
  • Controls can be automated or interlocked with associated equipment

WorkBench Options

Our unique workbench options have been designed for workers who use their lift tables as a fabrication or assembly bench. The use of these make the fit between worker and lift table safer and more productive by bringing the work components and tools closer to the tradesman.

On Board power outlets that eliminate trailing electrical cords.
Multiple hand or foot controls can be supplied to prevent unnecessary movement around the table to change its elevation.
Welded edge tabs to store tools and welding guns on the table.
A slide out tray to store tools and plans in.
A light source to illuminate work.
Plumbing for air hoses.

How do scissor tables work?

Hydraulic Lift Tables incorporate a scissor mechanism to hold the platform level but allow it to move vertically.

A hydraulic power unit incorporating electric motor and hydraulic pump supply oil to hydraulic cylinder (s) to elevate the platform.

Most lift tables utilise a single acting hydraulic system. This means that the lift table raises by oil supplied to the cylinder(s) under pressure from the pump and descends under its own weight when the down value is opened, allowing oil to be bled back to the tank. This is sometimes known as a power up gravity down system. It also means that lift tables are subject to a slow downward drift over time as oil bleeds back to the tank.


Manuel palletising or depalletising.

Loading or unloading of stillages, containers, bins, bags, bricks, tiles.

Commonly used alongside conveyor, feeding hoppers, extruders, process and production equipment.


Care must be taken to prevent entrapment of limbs either in the mechanism or under the table's edge. A safety bar is the best protection whilst skirts are also used. The safety bar stops the downward movement of the table upon contact with any obstruction. Lift tables are often used in conjunction with forklift trucks and they can sometimes damage the table leading to operating failure or injury.


Hydraulic Lift Tables are active lifting devices and, as such, may be covered by statutory requirements similar to those applying to lifts and cranes. Hydraulic Lift tables are not ideally suited to highly accurate platform placement as may be required in automated processes because of the drift that can occur with oil bleeding back to the tank. Altenative Lifting mechanisms include screw lift tables. All Lift Tables must be appropriately specified for use in washdown, corrosive or flammable environments or high cycle applications.

Best Buying

Lift table prices rise rapidly as extra lift is required - because that requires extra sets of scissors, in high cycle applications or where hand pallet truck only access demands a low height profile table. Stainless steel tables are available but expensive. As with most products lift tables are much cheaper if you can use a standard configuration. Take care with very cheap tables as they may sacrifice safety standards or durability and performance.  

Keywords: Scissor Lift

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Stretch Wrappers

Matpack can offer a Custom-specific Solution to your Pallet Wrapping needs. We supply a range of locally manufactured quality JMP machines. Stretch Wrapping Equipment provides the following benefits. Reduced Product Damage and Improved Product Protection. Improved Productivity and reduced Labour Costs.



Palift automatically keeps the pallet or stillage load at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods. The levelling mechanism is a set of springs and is set to the weight and height of the product. From then on the levellers work automatically and raise or lower as the weight changes. It is suited to wider heavier loads such as bricks, timber, cement sheets etc. Pallet Levellers resemble scissor lift tables in appearance.


Scissor_Lift_Table Lolift

With a capacity of 1000kg's and a lowheight of just 40-mm the LoLift can beused in applications where wheeledaccess onto the lift deck is essential orwith high pallet loads. Smartlift, a control and safety feature unique to Safetech that offers productivity, safety and maintainance advantages. Safetech's ultra lowprofile scissor lift table is ideallysuited to use with a hand pallet truck.



For greater lift height with a smaller footprint Safetech's Double scissor lift tables are used as personnel work platforms, as cargo lifts between levels, as mezzanine lifts, for automated palletizing systems, and for positioning test apparatus or tools. Contact matpack for applications outside this range.Scissor Lift Tables - High Rise Information.


Scissor Lift Tables - Large Singles

Almost all large lift tables need to be customised to suit the specific customer application and Safetech has considerable experience in designing scissor tables for unique and difficult applications. Safetech already provide the most extensive and complete series of scissor lift tables in Australia and have supplied thousands of lift tables from their Australian factory.



They allowcontainers to be tilted graduallyso that parts and work arepresented to an operator at anideal height. Crates, stillages,rolls of plastic film or cable haveall been safely handled with ourtilters. Matpack can customise tilters to fit your application. Tilting deck on a Safetech lift table. 90 degrees of tilt safetech can. Safetech tilters are an ideal. Tilting of rolls of plastic.