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By: Masjid E Umar  06-Dec-2011

Who Sent Quran?

[10. Surah Yunis: Ayah 37]

"And this Quran is not such as could be forged by those besides Allah, but it is a verification of that which is before it and a clear explanation of the book, there is no doubt in it, from the Lord of the worlds."

[4. Surah Nisaa: Ayah 82]

"Do they not then meditate on the Quran? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many a discrepancy."

On Whom Quran is Descended?

[76. Surah Dahr : Ayah 23]

"Surely We Ourselves have revealed the Quran to you revealing (it) in portions."

[42. Surah Ash-Shura : Ayah 7]

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