Market Economics - Innovation Evaluation Strategy - strategic and policy advice

By: Market Economics  06-Dec-2011

Strategic and Policy Advice

Market Economics Ltd has extensive experience in reviewing and evaluating government policies and programmes across a diverse range of portfolios.  The aim of our strategic and policy advice is to thoroughly investigate and assess the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of government interventions.  We have expertise in economics, transport, growth and public administration.  Our experience spans all levels of government, assisting in the design and evaluation of strategic policy and programmes.


Other products and services from Market Economics


Market Economics - Innovation Evaluation Strategy

Our work frequently begins with rigorous, in-depth and innovative data analysis and modelling techniques, which enables us to evaluate situations and produce results at both the strategic macro and detailed micro levels. In addition to offering strategic solutions and advice, we also have considerable experience as expert witnesses and peer reviewers.


Market Economics - Innovation Evaluation Strategy - data interrogation and analysis

We have knowledge of and access to a wide variety of publicly available and privately established datasets, and specialise in the detailed interrogation and manipulation of these complex datasets to identify trends, patterns, hotspots and important relationships for our clients. The team combines these capabilities with extensive knowledge of the business and household sectors, to provide strong interpretation and strategic advice.


Market Economics - Innovation Evaluation Strategy - spatial and economic modelling

These models provide independent evaluations and specific answers for our clients in the following areas. Tourism activity and environmental impact.


Market Economics - Innovation Evaluation Strategy - peer review

This process is undertaken in a systematic and rigorous manner with considerable attention to detail and the resulting recommendations presented in an objective and constructive way. Peer review provides an ideal opportunity to identify omissions, weaknesses or alternatives in approach to work in progress or already completed.


Market Economics - Innovation Evaluation Strategy - expert witness service

We specialise in the implications of the Resource Management Act on retail and transport developments, particularly the impact of proposed commercial developments on urban amenities.