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By: Malcolm Pacific  06-Dec-2011

Our multi disciplinary approach gives us strength. We avoid problems before they arise. If issues arise unexpectedly, we manage them cost effectively. No one works alone; there is back-up and supervision. Each client has a personal Case Manager, but also the full support of the strongest team in the business.

Free Residence Assessment.

We pioneered the idea that a full assessment must come before money changed hands, because both parties owed it to themselves to be fairly and properly informed. We prefer to make our assessments face to face but have developed web technologies that make it easy for you to communicate with us remotely. Which ever way you talk to us, our assessments are individual and personal, not  generated by a computer Whatever your circumstances or case type, we will only advise you after we are fully briefed and you are fully informed. We do not charge for this service.

Fixed fee, quoted in advance.

Following assessment we will give a clear picture of the . Where possible, we will quote in terms of a fixed fee; particularly when we can establish a clear pathway to success. In such cases we will usually associate that quote with a money back guarantee.

Case management.

When you have been assessed and a full disclosure contract signed, you will have access to your personal adviser or lawyer who will give you no-drama, clear advice. Guidance will be in writing and specific to your circumstances and will cover procedure, documentation and the completion of forms. We will lodge and manage your application on your behalf and manage the process through to visas being entered in your passport, keeping you informed at all times.


The includes lawyers and immigration advisers in a mix of specialist skills not normally found in other organisations. Our objective is to manage your success cost-effectively. Specialist assistance can be immediately accessed, in house; but only if required. That means you have access to the best, without paying silly prices.

Settlement support.

In addition to case management, some clients may want help with issues around setting up a home, placing children in schools or finding a job. When you become our client your case manager will explain how to access our dedicated settlement support staff. Let them know your requirements and we’ll be able to help.

Finding a job.

A third party is unlikely to “get you a job” that is real and such offers are closely checked by Immigration New Zealand. Genuine employers make their own decisions or directly employ an agent or HR consultant to act on their behalf. Most will want to interview applicants. We will direct you to where the opportunities are but when you get your job it will be because you have satisfied your future employer you are the best applicant. You should not have to pay any third party for that. In fact,  Article 7 of the ILO Private Employment Agencies Convention 1997 says: Private Employment agencies shall not charge directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any fees or costs to workers." 

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