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By: Malcolm Design  06-Dec-2011
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How do you get even more value for your money? 

Fabric Shopping with those 'in the know.'

Those who confirm an order, have the opportunity to go Fabric Shopping with the team at Malcolm Design, where we go to selected fabrics stores around Auckland, to search for the best fabrics for your order.  This way, you have the right advice, there and then, when you need it.  This way you can make wise decisions that are right for you, and your budget.

Once the consultation has been completed, the requirements for your order are set, and the deposit paid, we organise a Fabric Shopping experience with you. 

Our Fabric Shopping experiences takes around two hours and we normally go to two or three different places (depending on the requirements for your order).  We give you honest, practical advice on colours, design, style suitability, fabrics and fit.

The fabric costs are seperate to the price of the garment, and are paid by you, at the fabric stores.




Here is What We Do:

  1. Either we can meet at Malcolm Design's premises, jump into our car and go from there, or you can meet us there at the first fabric shop (and follow us).
  2. When we arrive, we briefly go over which fabrics we are looking for, then travel through the shop, pulling out the best fabrics, and discussing options and alternatives along the way. The best part about having us there with you, is that we give you ALL the advice and recommendations you need, so you can make the right choice.
  3. Once fabrics are purchased, we go to a local cafe for a (non-alcoholic) drink.  This offers a great opportunity to discuss your purchases and your order further.  It's as simple as that!

Fabric Shopping saves you moneyHere are some important things to consider ..

Simply by purchasing the right fabrics for your order, and at the right lengths, weights and widths.  You  can be assured that the colours will suit you, and the garments being made.  This is very important, as fabrics can either 'make or break' the look of your garment.

We will also advise on how to save money (when it comes to patternmaking), as some fabrics have a 'nap' to them (which means that pattern pieces can only be cut one way on the fabric, and cannot be 'top and tailed,' causing you to purchase more fabric to allow for this).  Some examples of 'nap' fabrics are: velvet, velveteen, some satins, and silk satins.

We make sure that the fabrics purchased are right for the occasion and will suit the purpose for which it is intended.  By this, we mean that if you have a tight fitting evening dress made (for example), then purchasing strong fabrics (which won't shred when you wear them), means your garment will last for years, and will not 'break under pressure' if you were to use delicate fabrics.

It is Fast and Efficient

You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can make decisions on the right fabrics, and be confident in your choices.  By having the information readily available to you, time goes faster than you expect. 

It's Easy and Makes Sense!

To have people there who can help you at every step is an incredible advantage.  For those not 'well versed' in fabrics, it makes sense to have professional and friendly help there with you. 

You'll have SO much fun checking out those fabrics!  It truely is a fantastic experience, and we've found that our clients get even more excited about having their garments made, as they begin to see how much work and materials are involved in making a garment, and how fabrics can effect the final look of a garment! 

Disclaimer on Fabric Shopping

  1. The client pays for all fabrics and notion costs.
  2. You will need to be on time for your Fabric Shopping experience, as the available times are limited.
  3. We set aside approximately two hours for Fabric Shopping.  Further time can be arranged (if required) at the standard hourly rate + GST.
  4. Malcolm Design takes no responsibility if the client chooses to take the remaining fabric on the role (as we cannot guarantee there will be more fabric available if you need more).
  5. Malcolm Design makes recommendations on fabrics and their suitability for your order.  You are welcome to choose fabrics that are not within the recommended guidelines, but if faults occur which can be attributed to the unsuitable fabric choices, then Malcolm Design takes no responsibility.
  6. Any client under 18 years of age must have an adult, guardian or parent present at the shopping.

Thank you.  If you would like to know more, please feel free to


Keywords: Garment

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