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By: Mag Building Services  06-Dec-2011

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The most common types of mold are generally not hazardous to healthy individuals. However, when moulds are growing inside the home, there may be health concerns. Molds release chemicals and spores and people who have asthma, hay fever, or other allergies or have impaired immune systems because of other conditions, are more likely to be affected by moulds.

Health experts indicate that, depending on the type of mold present in a home, the amount and degree of exposure, and the health condition of the occupant, the health effects of mould can range from being insignificant to causing allergic reactions and illness such as headaches, fatigue, nose and eye irritation, cough, congestion and aggravation of asthma.

Pregnant women, infants, the elderly and those with health problems, such as respiratory disease or a weakened immune system, are more at risk when exposed to mold.

Moulds grow only in damp conditions and are most commonly found in basements, kitchens or bathrooms. Black mould is usually easy to identify, by black-grey spots on walls and/or ceilings and a musty or earthy odour.

However, mould is not always easy to recognise as it may look like a simple stain, smudge or discoloration. To identify a mould, dab the suspected marks with a drop of chlorine bleach. Note: Be extremely cautious when handling household bleach. If the colour changes or disappears, the stain is likely organic and probably a mould.

If mould is detected in the home it should be treated as soon as possible.

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