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By: Machines R Us  06-Dec-2011
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Machines 'R' Us offers a wide range of services for woodworking machinery. If your machine faults or just needs a service, you want to know that the service provider you employ can deal with your machine in its entirety. By ensuring that all our staff have the range of skills required to work on all aspects of machinery, we offer the ideal service solution for you business.


We believe that maintenance is vital to the longevity of machinery. For a company of any size, losing a machine to a break down can cost valuable time and money. Whilst regular maintenance is no guarantee, it is certainly a safe guard against excessive break downs. We offer maintenance and service schedules for all machinery, from traditional to high tech, weekly to annual.

Here are some interesting facts about machinery maintenance: Woodworking industries have established that 80% of maintenance required to be undertaken on rotating equipment, is unplanned. This unplanned maintenance usually costs two to three times more than for planned outages. This increased cost is often due to secondary damage occurring, increased labour costs and less cost effective spares, due to the short time frames.

Factory Relocations

We are able to complete full factory removal and reinstallation of machinery. Please contact us for onsite inspections and advice.

Electrical Services

Our staff have a range of electrical licensing, ranging from Electricians to Electrical Service Technicians. Our electrical knowledge base is very large and varied, with expertise in Computing, Switch gear, CNC, PLCs, and Complex circuitry. No fault is beyond us.

Pneumatic Services

We provide fault finding and product repair on a range of pneumatic equipment. Valve rebuilds, ram repairs and system upgrades are our specialties. Our staff have been trained by leaders in the pneumatic industry. Upgrades for edgebanders, such as release agent applicators and board cleaner systems have been popular, just to name a few.
Our service technicians have the mechanical skills to deal with any problem. With Fitter turners and Industrial engineers we can provide strong support in this field. We can provide a custom made part if required, machine rebuilds and upgrades also our specialty.

Keywords: Electrical Service, Electricians, Service Technicians, Woodworking Machinery