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By: Lulu Acupuncture  06-Dec-2011

Acupuncture is beneficial in the promotion of health, well-being and prevention of disease. It is a safe and effective natural alternative medicine therapy used to treat many conditions, with no side effects. Acupuncture helps eliminate the cause of the disease rather than offer cure from symptoms.

Acupuncture promotes the natural flow of Qi, which regulates spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance. Qi is influenced by the opposing forces of Yin and Yang. When Yin and Yang are balanced, they work together with the natural flow of Qi to help the body achieve and maintain health.

Acupuncture treatments may include acupressure, therapeutic massage or chinese herbs.

Per Treatment : $120

Acupuncture has been effectively used for treatment of:

* Injuries, muscular pain         

* High blood pressure

* High cholesterol

* Diabetes

* Weight control, Obesity

* Allergies

* Arthritis, joint pain

* Gynaecological complaints

* Stress related disorders

* Digestive disorders

* Respiratory problems

* Insomnia

* Chronic fatigue syndrome

* Low energy

* Water retention

* Depression, Anxiety

* Women's health concerns

* PMS, Menopause, Menstrual Pain

* Reduce Cellulite

* Infertility

* Sinus problems

* Irritable bowel syndrome

* Smoking addiction 

* Tennis & Golfer's elbow

* Pregnancy

* Headaches, Migraines

---   planning for a healthy baby

---   during pregnancy

---   post pregnancy

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