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By: Locus  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Maintenance Management System

Cityworks® is the only GIS-based Asset Maintenance Management System available. Created especially for organizations facing the challenge of managing capital assets and infrastructure, Cityworks is uniquely designed to fully leverage your investment in GIS without costly duplication of effort, data synchronization or integration. Coupled with ESRI’s leading ArcGIS software, Cityworks provides a complete solution for asset and maintenance management.

Cityworks provides a comprehensive set of solution software for asset and work management along with extension products that further enhance your capabilities to perform your day-to-day business needs. Used separately or together, the Cityworks suite of products offer the most robust collection of GIS-based capabilities available.

While Cityworks is not a GIS itself, it leverages the investment in your GIS database without the added costs of integration, the hassle of data synchronization or the depth of integration required by other systems. Taking advantage of the inherent capabilities of your GIS software, Cityworks is clearly a cost effective and efficient solution - the smart choice.

Cityworks® is a GIS-centric Asset and Computerized Maintenance Management System (or CMMS) created specifically for Public Works and Utilities organizations facing the challenge of managing community infrastructure assets. Designed to fully leverage your investment in GIS, Cityworks eliminates the need for costly duplication of asset data, promoting a truly enterprise solution. Utilizing the data contained in the GeoDatabase, Cityworks provides a complete solution for managing your dispersed infrastructure with tools for creating and tracking maintenance activities associated to assets and/or addresses. These include handling requests for service, conflict resolution, work orders, tests and inspections, ad-hoc search and reporting and much more.

With unparalleled integration with ESRI's leading technology, only Cityworks is fully compatible with ArcGIS®. CityworksFM, the underlying infrastructure data models are based on industry standards, yet fully customizable and easily tailored to your organization's specific needs. Off-the-shelf GeoDatabase models are available for Water, Wastewater, Storm water, Streets, Traffic, Signs, Trees, Parks and Recreation facilities and many others. Of course, you are free to utilize ESRI's industry standard models or use these as a starting point to create your own specific models.

Cityworks is built on open standards and with the latest development technology giving you complete access to your data in an open architecture that is easy to integrate with your existing business systems. With full support for industry leading relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, Cityworks is fully compatible with Microsoft Office.

Cityworks can be deployed as a desktop or browser application solution. Cityworks DesktopTM can be configured in standalone mode, address-based mode or full asset-based mode and may be deployed using the Cityworks ArcGIS interface. Cityworks browser add-ons are designed for field operations and include Cityworks Wireless® and Cityworks InboxTM.

Keywords: Maintenance Management System

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