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Keywords: Productivity, Productivity Gains

LMAC LEAN Manufacturing, Specialist Productivity Improvement Services in Christchurch New Zealand, Lean Implementation Services for New Zealand business

Our services are tailored to each specific client and their unique environment (whether manufacturing or otherwise). However, they have one common objective:

To support the client to achieve reduced costs through improved productivity

How we do this:

By working directly with Management, Support Staff and Process Workers together in the “office” or on the
“shop floor” following a tailor made LEAN Programme


To support the achievement of the overall objective, we incorporate 2 key targets for any project:

  1. Productivity gains quickly and throughout the project to support early ROI.
  2. Impart knowledge, skills and tools to all levels of the organisation to ensure sustainability of the gains made.

We have operated in many environments which generally fit into one of the following 3 areas:

  1. LEAN Introduction
  2. Advanced LEAN
  3. LEAN Management

1. LEAN Introduction

Whether it’s a partial staged commencement or full implementation, the most important thing to consider when implementing Lean principles and tools in any environment is the introduction strategy. This is where many Lean coaches or “seminar consultants” can be found lacking in their practical experience. Generic advice from the white board is often easier said than done.

That’s why LMAC will be involved with you at every step from planning through to introduction and then sustainability management, out there in the thick of it with your management and staff. The strategy will be unique for your environment and business needs.

"start the change process with confidence"

With LMAC you can draw from our expert’s practical experience in countless environments and start the change process with confidence.

2. Advanced LEAN

Some organisations have already started introducing LEAN principles, but are not getting the results imagined. As with many change processes, difficulties can be encountered when trying to convert theory into practice and progress can stall. Some begin to surmise that Lean only works in high volume environments. This is categorically not the case. Unlike many, our consultants benefit from years of experience of applying Lean principles into a huge spectrum of environments.

We have successfully exceeded our client’s expectations of efficiency gains, which commonly are doubled productivity.

  • Reducing labour costs by 50%
  • Reducing lead times by 70%
  • Reducing floor space requirement by 30%

The key is to use the right tools and approach for the specific situation. This is a fundamental element to LMAC’s success with their clients.

If your Lean Project is stalling, we can help.

3. LEAN Management

Sustainability is key for any process improvement. Once new ways of working have been introduced, they need to be managed and driven to ensure gains are both maintained and improved upon. Therefore expertise in directly running and managing Lean organisations is just as important as skills in introducing Lean principles.

LMAC not only directly support the introduction of LEAN, but can also show you how to “drive” it effectively. This comes from our rare mixture of experience in management as well as practical introduction skills that set us apart from others. It’s like asking the pilot if he’s actually flown before or whether he’s just read the handbook.

In some cases, the instructor only has simulator experience – not with LMAC

Keywords: Productivity, Productivity Gains