Living Energy - Visdamax Wood-Fired Boilers

By: Living Energy  06-Dec-2011

Living Energy are the agent for the Visdamax Bio-T burner in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.  The ability of the Bio-T to combust wet sawdust with ultra-low emissions enabled us to secure the largest two wood-fired boiler contracts awarded at sawmills in New Zealand in the last few years, with a combined capacity of over 30MW.

The two installations are at Thames Timber in Thames, where two 4.4MWunits provide hot water to the timber-drying kilns on site, and at Carter Holt Harvey’s sawmill in Whangerei, where three 7.5MW units are serving the needs of their huge timber-drying operation.

Visdamax have installed several more wood-fired boilers in New Zealand and Australia, and have the necessary experience and expertise to deliver a high quality project on time and to an exceptionally high standard of workmanship - fully compliant with all the relevant regulations.

Through Visdamax we can deliver the full turn-key solution, from design through to installation, commissioning and training.

  • The Bio-T burner The Bio T-Burner was developed in New Zealand over 25 years ago. It has a unique dual-stage combustion process providing ultra-low emissions, as well as other features which provide outstanding operational flexibility and low running costs.

  • Complementing the cost-effective Bio-T burner are the simple and well-proven steel storage silos of up to 600m3 each. The silos have negative angled walls to avoid bridging and are installed complete with heat detectors and a water deluge system. The system is fully automated.

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Living Energy - Products

Engineering high-quality products for the farming and forestry industries since 1859, family firm Mus Max are based in Austriaâ??s woodfuel heartland, where they manufacture wood chippers, chip handling systems and a range of innovative machinery for transporting and delivering bulk agricultural produce.


Living Energy - Binder Wood-Fired Boilers

Widely regarded in Europe as one of the finest woodfuel boilers in production, Binder boast over 3,000 installations across the globe, from Chile to Japan, Russia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom - where over 150 Binder systems have been installed in the last 5 years.


Living Energy - Exotek Moisture Meters

We offer the full range of Exotek products, but are naturally focused on their wood moisture meters. These include pin meters, chip and sawdust meters and non-destructive solid wood meters. The most commonly requested meter is the FMG-3000 chip meter, which is held in stock in New Zealand.


Living Energy - Hargassner Boilers

Living Energy selected Hargassner as a technology partner on the basis of their huge range of experience in engineering first-rate wood-fired boilers. The Hargassner product range and number of boiler configurations is truly staggering, and means we can offer a wood-fired heating solution for literally any application.


Living Energy - Laimet

The HP-21 HS and HP-25 HS function like the other Laimet HP chippers, using a conical screw blade to produce even-sized and high quality pulp or heating chips from slabwood, block and other offcuts. The HP-21 HS and HP-25 HS wood chippers are electrically-driven industrial chippers designed for static operation in sawmills and other timber processing applications.


Living Energy - Schaller Moisture Meters

Utilising a superbly engineered ram electrode, the BLW enables foresters, firewood merchants and others in the woodfuel supply chain to measure the moisture content of round timber up to 60%, providing a simple, accurate readout with no need to apply conversion factors.