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By: Living Energy  06-Dec-2011
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The Messtechnik Schaller company are a specialist manufacturer of moisture meters and gauges for air and materials.  Central to their impressive product portfolio is the humimeter range of bioenergy moisture meters.

Used in the quality control of biomass fuels the world over, the humimeter range offers excellent accuracy, ease of use and swift results for wood fuels as diverse as wood pellets, shavings, wood chips and sawdust.

With over 40,000 units sold, Schaller’s commitment to innovation and product development is second to none, and a wide range of ancillary equipment is available to complement the meter range.  This includes data-logging software, connection cables, digital scales and portable printers.

Whether you’re a supplier, keen to ensure the quality of the product you’re providing, or a biomass customer checking a delivery, there’s a product in the humimeter range that makes the job easy.

  • Schaller’s BLW round timber moisture meter is the meter no woodfuel supplier can afford to be without! Utilising a superbly engineered ram electrode, the BLW enables foresters, firewood merchants and others in the woodfuel supply chain to measure the moisture content of round timber up to 60%, providing a simple, accurate readout with no need to apply conversion factors.

  • With a measurement resolution of 0.1% moisture, range of 5 to 60% water content and accurate to +/- 1.5%, the humimeter BM1 is the entry level model in the humimeter range. Designed to determine the water content of wood chips, barks, wooden pellets, elephant grass, wood shavings and sawdust, the BM1 is a versatile and robust piece of equipment.

  • Designed for use in pellet mills and heat plants, the BP1 is the ideal measuring instrument for quality control in manufacturing, quality control for pellet traders, pellets storage for manufactures, traders and end customer. The BP1 is suitable for all types of pellets – wood, agricultural waste, energy grasses, etc…, and provides measurements in the range of 3-20%.

  • A portable and quick way to determine the moisture content of woodchips, the FS200 offers suppliers and customers the means to check large volumes of dry woodfuel without the need to decant chips into a bucket. Accurate to +/- 1% and capable of measuring moisture up to 30%, the FS200 is a hand-held moisture meter which is placed on the chip pile and provides an instant readout on the built-in display.

  • The most highly specified of Schaller's unrivalled range of biomass moisture meters, the FS3 is a true workhorse, and forms a vital part of woodfuel supply chains across Europe.

  • Schaller’s LogMemorizer software is a powerful but simple-to-operate tool to record, analyze and manage the data produced by your Schaller Humimeter moisture meter. Database driven, the software stores the output from the moisture meters, allowing analysis and the production of graphs (e.g. to show the change in moisture content over a period of time in a fuel supply) in the programme, as well as the exporting of data to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

Keywords: Moisture Meter, Moisture Meters, Product Portfolio, Wood Chips

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