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By: Lion Security  06-Dec-2011
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If thieves can see nothing, they can steal nothing.

We have been involved with Smoke Machine System installations for over ten years, and have installed several hundred systems throughout New Zealand. A number of technicians from various companies have undergone training courses conducted by us, to become fully certified Smoke Machine installers.

We have now taken on the NZ Area Representation and Distribution for Protect Security Systems Fog Cannons.

Although completely harmless to people and property, a "Smoke" or "Fog" generating system by its nature, may give the impression of a large fire being in progress and therefore may affect people differently. It is absolutely essential to only use trained professionals to install these systems. Please ask for appropriate certification.

" Most robberies will only take seconds and are over well before Security personnel or Police can arrive on site."

An alarm system will make a noise and perhaps call for help if monitored, but a Fog Cannon system will act immediately and foil any robbery attempt with a vast amount of thick, near impenetrable Fog, forcing the thieves out the way they got in.

Working on the principle "If Thieves can't see, they cannot steal", a Fog Cannon is the immediate answer to prevent theft until security personnel arrive.

Within a few seconds a Fog Cannon will envelope a critical area to a point where visibility is less than a couple of feet. The dry fog is completely harmless to humans, animals or any products or surfaces. Most Insurance Companies recommend the use of Protect Fog Cannons to reduce the risk of loss drammatically.

Please use the link below to see more examples of Fog Generator activations, from small offices to large warehouses, we have professional security Fog generator systems available for just about any application. The picture below was taken during a demonstration in our showroom. This client was so impressed, he went on and ordered a unit for his own showroom. If you wish to personally see this fantastic security device in action, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration.

Keywords: Alarm System, Insurance Companies, Security Systems

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