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By: Lims-hvac  06-Dec-2011

Roof Brackets

Roof brackets for roof mounted units. When mounting an inverter on a piece of two by four through Roofing into rafters or purlins our selection of roof brackets will last longer, look better and save you time. The arms are adjustable to suit the pitch of the roof. The manufacturer’s recommendation is suitable down to seven degrees. The roof brackets are electrogalvanised steel and supporting up to 140kg.

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Our products include supports, brackets, ducting, anti-vibration mounts, coil, and a full range of HVAC industry tools and instruments. Visit our Product Pages and select an item to add to our shopping cart. Did you know you can order online.


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A cross bar is provided giving more options as to where to drill in to the wall, as it allows the "Ls" to be spaced as suits once the bar is in place. All our brackets are manufactured by Rodigas in Italy using electrogalvanised steel plate. Sliding wall supports in a range of sizes for back to back air conditioning units. If you need extra rust resistance then go for one of our Stainless Steel Brackets.


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They are imported raw from Rodigas in Italy and then hot dip galvanised in Auckland, meaning the treatment is as per Auckland standards and can withstand our salty coastal air. We also carry a range of heavy duty Welded supports capable of handling from 220kg up to 460kg. Our galvanised brackets provide excellent value at a low cost.


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LIMS HVAC supplies special supports which can be advantageous when installation is not simple or straightforward. When you need to hang an air conditioning unit from the ceiling aesthetics are important to the client. Inverse brackets can be used where space is a constraint for mounting the brackets upwards. T shaped MV brackets only need a small area for fixing to the wall. Space efficient they are ideal stock for a trade vehichle.