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By: Liberty Life  06-Dec-2011

Cash your Retirement Annuities now

Liberty Life NZ together with Cashkows have combined on your behalf to undertake the complete process from Inception to having the money in your bank account here in New Zealand. The entire process from the Insurer, to the Receiver of Revenue, to Reserve Bank Approval for Foreign Exchange is undertaken on your behalf.

To date we’ve reunited a huge number of South Africans with cash which they had either forgotten about, written off, didn’t realise they could access or in some cases didn’t even know they had!

Do you know that you can take advantage of a change to SARS tax legislation in 2008, which allows to en-cash in full retirement annuities and other insurance policies left behind in South Africa.

In order to qualify, individuals must provide proof of both their entitlement to reside in their new country and their formal emigration from South Africa. Formal emigration is essentially your financial exit and by recording such status you do not relinquish your South African citizenship and can retain your South African passport.

An ever increasing number of South Africans who live overseas are recognising the excellent opportunity this change in legislation presents, especially given the current strength of the Rand and are appointing CashKows to extract and repatriate their funds.

Benefits of en-cashing your RA:

  • Access the full value of your policies now rather than wait until maturity at which point you can access only 1/3 of the value as a cash lump sum.
  • Take advantage of the strong Rand to switch funds into your local currency.
  • Protect against future currency risk (possible Rand depreciation).
  • Protect yourself against possible cross-border political risk.
  • Rebase your retirement and investment planning in your local currency.

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