By: Levacare Group  05-Apr-2012

Levacare Health Consultants provides innovative, results-oriented solutions critical to management decision-making to enable growth and sustainability in today's healthcare environment.

Our value added services include:

  • Organisational Governance advice
  • Planning: Strategic, Scenario & Risk Management
  • Marketing Analyses
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Healthcare Policy Development & Review
  • Practice Management Structuring & Optimisation
  • Benchmarking & Best Practice Reviews
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Clinical Performance Improvement and Clinical Governance Development
  • IT Architecture Review
  • Internet Marketing Strategy Development
  • Business Case Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facilities Programming & Planning
  • Finance Proposals Assist
  • General Management Support
  • Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Management Support
  • Project Management
  • Growth Strategy Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisition Support
  • Chronic Disease Management Support
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Team Coaching
  • Funder & Contracting Authority Negotiations Support
  • Governmental Department Submissions
  • New Practitioner setup Advice & Support
  • Organisational & Practitioner Transition Planning 

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Diversification - spreading your investment funds or "not putting all your eggs in one basket" - is considered by specialists to be one of the fundamental keys to effective investment. It’s about understanding your current and future needs and developing a plan (or investment strategy) that will help you move through life. Smart diversification allows you to factor out much of the volatility, and hence risk, associated with your investments.


Financial Services: Fund Management | Levacare Consulting Group

Camelot is a nationwide partnership including 30 financial planners and advisors with combined experience of over 200 years who are committed to delivering professional service, business growth and best practice within the financial planning industry. Our aim is to assist our clients in the creation, preservation and protection of their wealth, with the purpose of helping them achieve the financial security to maintain their desired lifestyle.


FOREX Signals

FX Capital Management Limited are consultants to institutional and retail investors in the global spot forex market achieving superior absolute returns on Investments.


Financial Planning

Camelot Advisers begin by helping you through a process of identification, analysis and strategic planning for the achievement of your lifestyle goals, in the short and long term. To help you get there, your Camelot Adviser will implement and review your financial plan on an ongoing basis to keep you on track, and work to achieve your long term goals.