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By: Levacare Group  05-Apr-2012

Our Mission

Our aim is to assist our clients in the creation, preservation and protection of their wealth, with the purpose of helping them achieve the financial security to maintain their desired lifestyle.

Our Values

  • Foster professionalism through qualified and experienced Financial Planners
  • Build rewarding client focused relationships
  • Deliver innovative and independently researched financial solutions
  • Encourage continuing education for staff and clients
  • Utilise technology to develop innovative administration processes and systems
  • To be responsive to the needs of clients and empower them to make informed financial decisions

Camelot is a nationwide partnership including 30 financial planners and advisors with combined experience of over 200 years who are committed to delivering professional service, business growth and best practice within the financial planning industry. Combining youth with experience Camelot has advisers who have both been in the industry since the eighties and recent new entrants who came by way of the Graduate Diploma in Business endorsed in Personal Financial Planning.

With funds under management in excess of $500 million dollars and insurance protection covering more than 20,000 clients, Camelot is on the way to becoming the largest financial advisory group in the industry.

Camelot is an authentic story in a low trust world. With so many industry failures, the advisers that make up Camelot take pride in the relatively small exposure their clients have had to investments in the finance companies that have failed in recent times. In the current financial climate, clients and potential clients have become increasingly cautious, even suspicious and they lack confidence when it comes to seeking financial advice. In today's investment climate the 'good guys' need to stand up and be seen. The public needs to be aware that there are financial advisers who will do the right thing by them, are around for the long haul, and offer their investment advice with complete integrity.

Camelot is about traditional values, those values that are often strained in modern day society. Potential investors need to be aware that there are still investment opportunities available with the right, well researched professional advice. By focusing on Camelot's core values of trust, honesty, safety and nobleness, we aim to build the Camelot brand and make the name synonymous with investor confidence and financial success by espousing to:

  • The protection of life and wealth
  • duty of care
  • referability
  • honesty and integrity
  • making a positive gesture to modern day society through philanthropy
  • fiduciary responsibility.

Camelot is a journey. Camelot is the destination. This is where you as a client wish to strive for and professional financial advisers can help you achieve your goals and aspirations by being your Financial Partners for Life

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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