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By: Levacare Group  05-Apr-2012

Camelot Advisers begin by helping you through a process of identification, analysis and strategic planning for the achievement of your lifestyle goals, in the short and long term. To help you get there, your Camelot Adviser will implement and review your financial plan on an ongoing basis to keep you on track, and work to achieve your long term goals.

Camelot's Six Step Process

1. Identify Lifestyle Goals
We assist you to quantify goals and objectives;
We assess your short, medium and long-term goals and objectives, etc;
We endeavour to put a dollar value, where appropriate, and a time limit on these goals.

2. Assess and Identify Key Issues

We have an interview and establish a mutually beneficial relationship;

We assess your "Risk Profile";

We collect and detail all relevant financial data including ownership of assets;

We assist you in capturing this data where necessary.

3. Analysis and Planning

We quantify both financially and in written text the reasons why the goals and objectives will / will not be achieved;

We use graphs and charts to portray the problem areas etc;

We consider taxation, estate planning and insurance problems as well as the usual asset and liability and cash flow problems.

4. Strategic Financial Plan

We produce a written financial plan outlining your current situation, problem areas and recommendations;

We identify and state the material assumptions used in its preparation, e.g. inflation, investment, growth etc;

Our comprehensive plans include:

  • A balance sheet and net worth calculation and an analysis of existing portfolio.
  • A cash flow statement.
  • Investment portfolio structure recommendations and retirement planning;
  • Analysis of estate and tax planning implications including directed advice to wills, family trusts, etc;
  • Risk Management Analysis of your financial exposure relative to mortality, liability and property including business where appropriate. It will include life, disability, medical, business, property and liability insurance.

We use a researched information base for all our recommendations.

5. Plan Presentation and Implementation
We work with you to establish priorities amongst the recommendations to be implemented, including the person responsible, action required and timing.

6. Ongoing Reviews

We ensure that every financial plan is to be reviewed at least annually;

We take remedial action where circumstances either internal or external have changed;

We conduct all reviews in writing and fully detail any action or reason for non-action;

We offer Portfolio Management Services to you on request.

The Camelot planning process is of the highest calibre, and is founded on principles endorsed by the Institute of Financial Advisers of New Zealand (IFA).

While all steps are important, it is the ongoing relationship that is formed between you and your Camelot Adviser that provides the greatest certainty of achieving these goals. It also means your strategies are reviewed where required due to changes in your circumstances.

To find out more about building wealth and protecting your future talk to your Financial Partners for Life - Camelot.

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Camelot is a nationwide partnership including 30 financial planners and advisors with combined experience of over 200 years who are committed to delivering professional service, business growth and best practice within the financial planning industry. Our aim is to assist our clients in the creation, preservation and protection of their wealth, with the purpose of helping them achieve the financial security to maintain their desired lifestyle.


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