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By: Laura Fergusson Trust  06-Dec-2011

Having concussion can cause problems, affecting your work, recreational activities and everyday life. Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation works with clients with concussion or suspected concussion to ensure a speedy recovery and to reduce the likelihood of ongoing difficulties such as post concussion syndrome.

How Can We Help?

It is vital that you seek medical advice immediately if you believe you might have concussion, and your doctor may then refer you to Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation. Alternately if you have had an injury and have ongoing difficulties that may be linked to concussion, you can contact ACC who may then refer you to our service. The concussion service has two stages:

Stage 1: Assessment and Education – clients are assessed and provided with advice and education about concussion and its symptoms, managing these issues, and how to ensure you recover quickly and safely. Many clients with mild concussion do not require further rehabilitation.

Stage 2: Treatment/Rehabilitation – if treatment is required, clients have access to Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation’s experienced professional team. Treatment is individualised to meet each client’s needs and often may also involve the client’s family, employer or school to help facilitate recovery.

Who is Eligible?

This service is available to anyone that suspects they have concussion and who meets certain ACC criteria. To find out if you are eligible, speak to your medical practitioner or to your ACC case worker.

Why Choose Laura Fergusson?

At Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation, we take a practical and functional approach, utilising our interdisciplinary expertise to maximise your recovery and your independence for everyday living.

We have a comprehensive team of professionals – including psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language therapist, social worker and medical specialists – who are focused on ensuring you receive the very best service

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