Fujitsu Heat Pump Special Promotion

By: Laser Plumbing  05-Apr-2012

So why buy a heat pump – and what are its features?

Heat pumps are our fastest growing heating solution. We all know heat pumps are a great, energy efficient way to heat your home, but you may not know that they also work great as air conditioners, keeping your house fresh and cool in summer. The right heat pump, properly installed and wisely used, ends up being a really great, cost effective way to heat and cool your home. They are much less expensive to run than other forms of heating and as they have no heating elements which burn energy; they are a much more energy efficient heating solution than electric or gas heaters.

With so many heat pumps on the market, how do I choose the right one?

Most people run into trouble when they buy the unit themselves, which usually is the cheapest product on the market or seemingly best deal. Without being assessed by a professional, it may end up being the wrong type for your needs, wrong sized unit for your room size and/or poorly installed.

If you purchase one through an accredited installer like us, we will assess your needs first to make sure you get the right size unit. Plus you won’t have to worry about the hassles of installation, as we can take care of this for you. Being fully qualified electricians means we know what we’re doing , and will get the job done right first time. You can relax, knowing your heat pump is being installed by “Totally Dependable” professionals.

We are Fujitsu-accredited installers which means we can offer a 6 year guaranteed warranty on all Fujitsu heat pump installations for full parts and labour. You will have peace of mind in knowing that you are using a professional who has the equipment, the training and the skills to install your heat pump in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and applying sound trade practices.

Tell me more about the Fujitsu heat pump range?

You’ve probably seen the Stephen Flemming ads on tv. We truly believe Fujitsu heat pumps are a great, quality product from a reputable brand.

Their Hi Wall range are elegant models with a flat panel design to compliment any interior. We love that these models offer whisper quiet comfort and they also come with additional filtration options, and all the latest features and technology. Fujitsu heat pumps also have advanced air purifying and deodorising filters which absorb the bad bugs and nasties  in the air to create a healthier home environment. Which is why Fujitsu is recommended by Asthma New Zealand.

These powerful heat pumps will deliver all the heat you will ever need but still give you great energy savings. They are even Energy Star qualified – which is only awarded to the most efficient heat pumps on the market.

And with a 6 year warranty – you can’t really go wrong!

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