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By: Kiwicare Preschool  06-Dec-2011

Although general observations occur all the time, full assessments occur twice a year. Assessments are also carried out on request. This is a very valuable tool for all children but especially for those children who have not attended a centre before or where English is a second language. It uncovers areas that your child may need additional assistance with. After observing the child, staff compile six goals for the programme based on these observations. This enables us to ensure a balanced development plan for your child. It is easier for Kiwicare to achieve these goals if your child attends every day of the week for a half day or a full day session. At any time we would welcome a visit from you at Kiwicare to discuss your child's progress.

Literacy and maths - 3 and 4 year olds
Kiwicare provides a strong educational programme to go with our happy and fun childcare service. The schools our children attend after Kiwicare are delighted with how well our children settle in and manage their new school lives.
Transition programme (to each age group and school)
From babies through to school age Kiwicare has a strong training and learning focus so that children become flexible and can adapt to new environments easily as they develop strong relationships with all staff and all aspects of the Kiwicare experience. There are developmental milestones reached by each child before they move to each new area at Kiwicare. These are explained to you and you are helped to ensure such transitions are accomplished easily. When you or the staff feel the child is ready to move into the older age group certain self help skills will be necessary for the move. For example, the 3 year old house does not have a nappy changing facility and therefore the child will need to be fully toilet trained to move areas. For readiness for school; the staff will support and encourage your child with reading and writing skills. They will focus on: how to write and recognise their name; how to write the letters of the alphabet; basic counting and grouping skills; and early literacy skills. This is all achieved in an interactive environment that is fun and interesting so all children love to learn.

When you have time do have your child show you around the walls of the centre where your child's projects, pictures, mobiles and other interesting achievements will be displayed. Do also check the art folder for their latest masterpieces.