What Business Services do I need

By: Kiffin  06-Dec-2011

1. Write a manual

You need a manual or knowledge based filled with your company information when

  • You are planning to exit your business
  • Grow your business by number of staff and or regions
  • Maintain quality and excellence requirements through ISO requirements
  • Have a clear and consistent way to train new staff


2. Update a manual

The team at Kiffin will manage those document updates for you. We will arrange meetings, phone to get the information, update your forms, documents or knowledge base.

In fact, we get to know your company so well we become part of the furniture.

3. Create a form

Can you put yourself in the shoes of the people who will be using your documents?

The Kiffin can make your documents more user friendly. We ask the questions about the forms from your customers perspective. We can then take your brand and style guide and template the documents for you.

4. Declutter my processes

Get an expert to help you step back and answer these questions:

  • Where does this fit in with what we are trying to achieve for our customers? ( do we need it?)
  • Who needs to be involved and when?
  • What tools do you need to complete the process ? ( forms,software, suppliers etc…)
  • What controls do we need in place to monitor quality?


5. Startup business processes

Set up your business filing systems both paper and digital in a logical clear and consistent way.

Get an expert to come in and sort it all out for you and train your staff.

  • Filing cabinets
  • Drop files
  • Reception desk
  • Computer files
  • Desk setup
6. Start up business documents

Get an expert to help you plan and create templates for all your key business documents.

  • Quotes/ proposals
  • Sales process
  • Introduction letters
  • Systems manual
  • Induction manual

Other products and services from Kiffin


Products - Kiffin

This will ensure staff members know how to deliver your desired levels of service and will provide you with a tool to manage the business and react quickly to market changes. We’ll recommend ways to improve the cycle that will increase the likelihood that clients will complete the purchasing process and come back for more repeat business.


Clients - Kiffin

“Kiffin consulted with both management and staff to encourage enthusiasm for the project and then provided formats for presentation of the GAS policy and procedures that was clear. Kiffin’s clients are keen to outsource to experts they trust and want to work with people that are passionate about making their work life easier and business more successful.