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By: Kiffin  06-Dec-2011

Products - Kiffin

Over time we have seen common issues facing our clients. Kiffin have developed two products to help our clients in structured ways.

Adminstration Manual

The KIFFIN Office Administration Manual is a must-have for any business wanting to operate at maximum efficiency. It is an invaluable resource…

  • if you want to do more with lower staff overheads.
  • if you don’t have time to train new staff.
  • if you regularly use office temps.
  • if you wish it was possible to duplicate your best people (actually, it’s not the people that are great, it’s the way they work).
  • if you have one person who is constantly interrupted with questions about how to do things and where things are.if one person in the organisation holds quite a lot of vital information or intellectual property in their head, putting the business at great risk.
  • if you’ve just purchased a new division and are stuck with old or out-of-date user manuals
  • if you think you might one day want to retire or sell the business.

Whether your business is in growth mode or not, this is your life saver for most common office queries , it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than hiring an extra admin person.

How often do you hear the following questions around your office?

  • How do I find the?
  • Where do we keep the?
  • Who do we use for?

One place to find the answers;

  • When staff take holidays customers, suppliers and staff can still operate,
  • Save time wasted time searching for the answers to simple things like which courier to use,
  • Reduce errors and double handling.

Capture that knowledge in one place in your own Office Administration Manual.

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Ideal Client Lifecycle

Map your “Ideal Client Lifecycle”

Are there barriers in your business that make it hard for people to do business with you?
How would you know? You hardly ever hear from people who don’t become customers or clients.

The KIFFIN Ideal Client Lifecycle is a detailed, step-by-step outline of the stages your clients go through as they do business with you. It is an objective, third-party review of how customers flow through your purchasing procedure and how easy your transaction process is for them.

Working with you, we’ll recommend ways to improve the cycle that will increase the likelihood that clients will complete the purchasing process and come back for more repeat business.

The processes your customers go through, your Ideal Client Lifecycle should be:

  • simple to follow
  • consistent
  • easily repeatable
  • action driven
  • quick to adapt to change

We’ll document your Ideal Client Lifecycle so that you have a process that can be consistently repeated by anyone in the organisation. This will ensure staff members know how to deliver your desired levels of service and will provide you with a tool to manage the business and react quickly to market changes.

We get to know your company so well we become part of the furniture.

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What Business Services do I need

Set up your business filing systems both paper and digital in a logical clear and consistent way. We can then take your brand and style guide and template the documents for you. You need a manual or knowledge based filled with your company information when. Maintain quality and excellence requirements through ISO requirements. The team at Kiffin will manage those document updates for you. Grow your business by number of staff and or regions.


Clients - Kiffin

“Kiffin consulted with both management and staff to encourage enthusiasm for the project and then provided formats for presentation of the GAS policy and procedures that was clear. Kiffin’s clients are keen to outsource to experts they trust and want to work with people that are passionate about making their work life easier and business more successful.