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By: Kiffin  06-Dec-2011

Kiffin’s clients are keen to outsource to experts they trust and want to work with people that are passionate about making their work life easier and business more successful.

Kiffin clients say …

” The office side of things has greatly improved and the revamp of all our documents has led to a much more professional look. Nick has commented that he thinks we have acquired certain jobs because of our new quoting documents.” Vanessa – FBR

Kiffin consulted with both management and staff to encourage enthusiasm for the project and then provided formats for presentation of the GAS policy and procedures that was clear, precise and understandable.  Fiona’s efficiency with listening, brainstorming, and then suggesting written formats and languageenhanced the presentation style. For us, being able to update easily has been the true treasure. The work was completed within the timeframes.” Jocelyn  – GAS

“I employed Fiona and her business KIFFIN when I owned Spaceworks Commercial Interior Design in Auckland. Fiona was very organised and systemised and helped me to streamline my business operations on a day-to-day basis. I recommend Fiona without any hesitation to any business owner whose systems and procedures are not as effortless and logical as they would wish. “Jane  – Hotspace

“Fiona has added great value to our business. InWaiting is a new, rapidly growing business. We needed to streamline and document our systems and processes to enable us to manage our growth more effectively. Fiona has done this and more! Our business is now more streamlined and efficient with systems and processes that can easily be taught to new staff. Fiona was fantastic to work with. I was impressed at how quickly she understood the needs of our business and her management of the process.” Chris  – InWaiting

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This will ensure staff members know how to deliver your desired levels of service and will provide you with a tool to manage the business and react quickly to market changes. We’ll recommend ways to improve the cycle that will increase the likelihood that clients will complete the purchasing process and come back for more repeat business.


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Set up your business filing systems both paper and digital in a logical clear and consistent way. We can then take your brand and style guide and template the documents for you. You need a manual or knowledge based filled with your company information when. Maintain quality and excellence requirements through ISO requirements. The team at Kiffin will manage those document updates for you. Grow your business by number of staff and or regions.